Awesome, Inspirational and Informative Afternoon at St. Agnes Elementary School!

Thanks to Ms. Deo, the school principal, on Friday January 18th, 2019, I was warmly welcomed and happily presented at St Agnes Elementary School to all the grade six, seven and eight students.

Ms. Deo arranged to have me present in Ms. Afonso’s classroom. With Ms. Afonso’s assistance, I had the use of her classroom’s very large smart board and convenient desktop computer.  I really appreciated it very much.

The students were most attentive during my presentation and Ms. Afonso was very kind to wear the Roger’s Pen FM to facilitate the Q & A for me.

All the students completed their Exit Tickets for me before leaving the classroom. Here’s an excerpt from one of the many inspired student’s Exit Ticket today:

  • “Today I heard / saw the story of Giselle Gaylie and the challenges she went through because of her disability. … I heard about how positive and loving she stays.”
  • “How it is important to stay positive, and to help make the world a more loving and happy place.  It’s also important to love yourself and be grateful for what you have.”
  • “l wonder what it feels like for Giselle to travel to different schools and share her story with students.”

I met so many wonderful teachers from St. Agnes school today.  They were all so friendly, kind and genuinely attentive.  I really felt they enjoyed my presentation too!

Before I left today, Ms. Afonso also showed me the Eye Gaze system a couple of her students use in her class to communicate and to play music! It was enlightening to learn how some of her students communicate with the use of technology too. As someone who personally knows, it truly changes lives for the better!

All around, it was an awesome, inspirational and informative afternoon at St. Agnes Elementary School.