A Positive and Uplifting Afternoon at Corpus Christi!

The Corpus Christi library, with its wonderfully placed wall mounted smart board, made for a perfect venue for my public speaking presentation today.  The attentive and warmly engaged grade seven and eight students at Corpus Christi made it such a positive and uplifting afternoon.

One of today’s Exit Ticket’s read:

  • Today I heard / saw … “the positive energy Giselle has.”
  • This made me think … “that anyone is capable of doing big things including myself.”
  • Now I wonder … “what I’m capable of.”

I feel blessed to have inspired students today.

It was truly a pleasure to meet so many wonderful staff and students at Corpus Christi Separate School in Mississauga today. A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Caronzo, the grade eight teacher, for inviting me to his school.