Three Morning Presentations at Father Francis McSpiritt Catholic Elementary School

Presented as a Public Speaker to grade six, seven and eight levels independently at Father Francis McSpiritt Catholic Elementary School in Brampton this morning. Upon our early morning arrival, I was warmly welcomed by Ms. Moncur, the school principal. Ms. Farquhar, a grade seven teacher and Equity and Diversity Lead at the school, scheduled my three morning presentations and provided a seamless setup and transition into each classroom.

Ms. DiBiase’s students came together in Ms. Petrucci’s grade six class for a 9:00 am presentation.  Students had great questions, which I happily answered. From the many, one exit ticket read:

  • Today I heard/saw … “a girl who struggles everyday and has faith and believes in God.”
  • This made me think … “that I should be thankful and should have faith like her.”
  • Now I wonder … “how can I be a more kind and respectful person and believe in myself.”

When I arrived to Room 209, Ms. Sana and Mr. De Santis’ grade eight students were already combined and gave me the warmest welcome, as they were all just quietly waiting for me to arrive. It was an awesome feeling! Inspired exit tickets from this combined class, made me feel I had made a positive impact with them. One of these read:

  • “I saw/learned that there is no excuse to not try your best.”
  • This made me think … “Am I working hard enough?”
  • Now I wonder … “Do I fully use my ability to further myself as a person???”

After recess, I presented in Ms. Farquhar classroom, where Ms. Paun’s grade seven students came to listen too. Following my presentation, good questions ensued and inspired students personally thanked me for my presentation. Amongst them, one Exit Ticket read:

  • “Today I heard a beautiful story.”
  • This made me think … “to have more confidence in myself.”
  • Now I wonder … “If I can make a difference in life.”

I am grateful to have met so many wonderful staff and students. Like the school banner by the school’s main door reads, “FATHER FRANCIS McSPIRITT You are the Light of the World.”