Awesome Afternoon at the Home of the Angels Today!

An awesome afternoon public speaking today at St Albert of Jerusalem Elementary School, Home of the Angels. Upon arrival, Ms. Boulanger, the school principal warmly welcomed me to her school. She was very well prepared to have me present to all her grade six, seven and eight students in the gymnasium.  Everything was already wonderfully set up for me, even the use of her school laptop for my presentation.

Two of her grade eight students, Jacob and David, ensured all my technical needs for my presentation were met. They really helped me out a lot.  I really appreciated it.

Before my presentation commenced, Ms. Boulanger kindly introduced me to all her staff and students in attendance in the gym. Close to two hundred attentive and angelic students sat in the gymnasium to listen to my public speaking presentation.  It was truly fantastic!

Following my presentation, Jacob helped me out again during the Question and Answer period.  He graciously accepted to wear my Rogers FM pen Microphone to ensure my optimal hearing, while carrying the school’s portable and convenient wireless school microphone, as his fellow students raised their hands to ask me great questions.

At the end of the question and answer period, Ms. Sforza, the school Vice-Principal, wholeheartedly thanked me on behalf of all their staff and students for my inspirational presentation.

Before leaving the gymnasium with their teachers, each student completed an exit ticket. Below are excerpts of a few of these:

Today I heard/saw … “Face challenges in a positive manner. Everyone needs each other.”

This made me think … “that Giselle Gaylie is a very inspirational and a powerful girl.”

Now, I wonder … “about helping others who are in need and that God is helping others help others.”

Today I heard/saw … “that no matter what you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to, despite challenges.”

This made me think … “that anything is possible and it’s ok to be different, but no matter what, we are equal.”

Now, I wonder … “do you like public speaking and how does it make you feel?”

Today I heard/saw … “Giselle Gaylie explains her life’s journey and all her challenges in life and how she gets through it.”

This made me think … “That I should be more helpful towards others and try and face new challenges not alone, but with others who care.”

Now, I wonder … “How it’s like to be in Giselle’s place and how she has got through all these challenges over the years.”