Presented at the Home of the Father C. W. Sullivan Saints to Grade 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Students

Upon arrival at Father C. W. Sullivan School in Brampton today, Ms. Tavares, the school’s administrative assistant, kindly directed me to the gymnasium, where Ms. Ashien, the Equity and Diversity Lead and grade eight teacher, was busy setting up for my public speaking presentation.  When I met her, she was very happy to finally meet me.  She had requested a presentation for her school, back in December, so she was excited to finally have me there, particularly because her students had been asking about my visit for some time too.

Before the commencement, of my public speaking presentation, I met with Mrs. Bacci, the school principal, who warmly greeted me and provided me with a lovely introduction to her grade four, five, six, seven and eight students.

During the question and answer period, Melanie, a grade eight student, wore my Rogers FM Microphone and held the wireless microphone for the students, as they asked me great questions. It was an inquisitive group, and I was very happy to answer their questions.

At the end of the Question and Answer period, Ms. Ashien, on behalf of Father C. W. Sullivan School graciously presented me with a generous $200. cheque to ShareLife, which was indeed the charity of my choice. I was very grateful to accept it on behalf of ShareLife too.

Before leaving the gymnasium, students completed their Exit Tickets. Many of them approached me too, to give me a High Five, and others gave me a hug. They truly made me feel good. It made me very happy too.

Here are a few excerpts from amongst the many Exit Tickets:


Today I heard / saw … “a very inspirational presentation that shows a lot of dedication. I also saw a very beautiful girl express her feelings.”

This made me think … “of all the wonderful privileges I have had. I know that this has changed me for the better! I know I can later look back and thank this presentation for who it made me.”

Now, I wonder … “how much she have had to go through. I bet she will make it big someday! Thank you! You have inspired me.”

Today I heard / saw … “I heard many positive things, and all the challenges she got through.”

This made me think … “That no matter what you can do whatever you dream of as long as you put your mind to it.”

Now, I wonder … “How will I do what I want when I get older. How can I help others get to their goal”

Today I heard / saw … “A wonderful brave girl named Giselle talking about acceptance.”

This made me think … “That everyone is special in their own way and we should all accept people for who they are.”

Now, I wonder … “Can I make a positive difference in the world and help people feel accepted and make people smile. God Bless. Stay positive Giselle!”

Today I heard / saw … “I saw a beautiful young lady overcoming her challenges and giving an inspirational message.”

This made me think … “She is so brave and touches many hearts, her smile is contagious

Now, I wonder … “Why do I let others put me down, she handles it so well!  Is there someone who inspires you to be the better you!? If so who”

Today I heard / saw … “I saw a brave girl named Giselle.”

This made me think … “This made me feel confident of myself.”

Now, I wonder … “Can I make a really big difference in the world?”

Today I heard / saw … “A wonderful woman who has grown to be an inspiration.”

This made me think … “That I can be successful no matter what. And not to be ashamed of asking for help.”

Now, I wonder … “I wonder how much I’ve been holding back on myself. I will continue to carry on my life with my head held high.”

Today I heard / saw … “-about Giselle’s birth and challenges through life -Giselle’s advice for us”

This made me think … “-how privileged I am -about ways I could appreciate life more, and help others”

Now, I wonder … “-how I can help out others -how I can make a positive differences in the lives of others”

Today I heard / saw … “I heard that she has faced hard challenges.”

This made me think … “How she made it. Everyone is not alone when they are facing hard stuff.”

Now, I wonder … “if we can face tougher challenges while growing up. All of us can help each other.”

Today I heard / saw … “I saw a sweet girl with a big heart.”

This made me think … “To always be positive.”

Now, I wonder … “Can I be the best person I can be? God bless”

What an honest to goodness blessing it was to leave students so inspired. The reality is they inspired me too.

Like the popular Christian hymn goes, “Oh, when the saints go marching in…”  Thank you, Father C. W. Sullivan School, the home of the C.W. Sullivan Saints, to be amongst such warm friendly staff and, students. I was glad today, “… to be in that number.”