Presented to Grade 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Students at Our Lady of Fatima School

A glorious sun shone again today. I presented at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School to all the grade four, five, six, seven and eight students. Shortly after I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by Ms. Howard, the school principal.

Although I had brought my equipment for my public speaking presentation, Ms. March, the school custodian, helped to set up the school’s projection screen, projector and sound system in the gymnasium.  I really appreciated it.  It certainly made a positive difference.

Once everything was set up, Ms. Howard called all the classes through the public announcement system to the gymnasium. Before long, the staff and students arrived, and Ms. Howard gave a succinct and eloquent introduction.

During my public speaking presentation, like I always feel, I appreciated everyone’s kind attention so much.

For the question period, Natasha, a student, wore my Rogers FM Microphone and held the wireless microphone.  She was a great volunteer as she moved about the gym and accommodated the questions asked!  There were certainly more questions than there was time. It was an attentive audience.

Ms. Howard gave a heartfelt, eloquent praise of my work. She captured my messages and reminded the students of their importance; highlighting that as we journey during this Lenten season, that we are not alone.

Below are excerpts from some of the Exit Tickets:


Today I heard/saw… “We can change the world even how small we are.”

This made me think … “It can be sometime hard to be someone that can change the world.”

Now, I wonder … “That sometimes we need help and people can help and some people can be bullies but you have to trust in God.”

Today I heard/saw… “She loves God and she loves everyone.”

This made me think … “To be kind to one and other”

Now, I wonder … “That I will be nice kind”

Today I heard/saw… “I learned so much. That everybody is different in their own special way. She is a nice person.”

Now, I wonder … “What is it like to be in a wheelchair?”

Today I heard/saw… “a great motivation”

This made me think …” I can do anything.”

Today I heard/saw… “to not make fun of yourself. Be you.”

This made me think …” never give up.”

Now, I wonder … “anyone can change the world.”

Today I heard/saw…” I saw a disabled lady”

This made me think … “all lives matter, and anybody could do anything”

Now, I wonder … “how I can help the disabled.”

Today I heard/saw…” That God created everyone the same”

This made me think …” That nobody should be treated differently”

Now, I wonder … “Can we get more motivation speakers”

Today I heard/saw…” Seeking help is not a weakness but is a strength and just be yourself”

This made me think …” that you can always seek help from other people and always be yourself”

Now, I wonder … “If you can always count on other people for help”

Today I heard/saw…” inspiring words and I can make it”

This made me think …” if she made it I can, if I put work to it.”

Now, I wonder … “how does she help people in other ways”

Today I heard/saw…” Giselle is a very nice and supportive person.”

This made me think …” Why did Giselle want to be a public speaker?”

Now, I wonder … “Why isn’t Giselle world famous?

Today I heard/saw…” Someone helping their friend with work”

This made me think …” that kindness is key”

Now, I wonder … “how many people I can help”

Today I heard/saw…” A lady who is a little bit different”

This made me think …” She is very strong to live her life”

Now, I wonder … “If she can do it I can”

Today I heard/saw…” A speaker named Giselle talked about her life and how she overcame challenges in a positive manner. And how we can do the same.

This made me think …” I’m not the only one going through challenges”

Now, I wonder … “How can I overcome my challenges? How am I going to inspire people like Giselle inspired me?

Today I heard/saw…” That even a smile can make a difference”

This made me think …” That you can do whatever you put your mind to.”

Now, I wonder … “If I can be as inspirational as Giselle”

Today I heard/saw…” Giselle Gaylie speaking about how everyone is equal, and we all have something special about us.”

This made me think … “that no matter if your different or have something wrong with you, we all are the same human beings, but we all have something special.”

Now, I wonder … “that if people like Giselle Gaylie ever get discluded just because of their disabilities, that’s just sick in my mind, but at least we have family to help us through challenges.  P.S. I loved the presentation, keep going and spreading your word.”

Today I heard/saw…” A public speaker named Giselle Gaylie who talked about her life and told how she overcome her challenge”

This made me think …” how Giselle overcome her obstacles with assistant and how courageous she is to speak in front of many people.”

Now, I wonder … “If Giselle has inspired all of those people who listen to her, how will I inspire people in my life? This made me think … that Giselle isn’t the only one struggling. How everyone matters, no matter their appearance or challenges.”

After everyone left the gymnasium, Ms. March helped to put all the technology away.  She was kind and most helpful.

Once all was done, I was in the foyer of the school, when I met many new people. Ms. Howard introduced me to Ms. Rossi, the principal at St. Anne’s school, who seemed interested in a future presentation too for her school. I met a few Educational Resource Workers, who watched my presentation, Ms. Ramos, and Ms. Carmen. I was also introduced to Ms. Orange, a teacher, who told me she really appreciated my presentation too. While in the foyer, one of their students, Jorge, also known as Jorgito, whom Ms. Carmen was with, helped to take a few pictures with hand over hand assistance. A budding photographer in the make, for sure!

While in this same foyer, Mrs. Gorgati was walking by, when she happily exclaimed, as she recognized me and shared how happy she was to see me again.  She was an Educational Resource Worker, who helped me in my inclusive classes for three years back when I was at Christ the King Catholic Elementary School. Of course, I remembered her too, and was equally happy to see her.  Now she is a certified kindergarten teacher and loves her job.  She even took me to see her students, who simply adore her.

Before leaving, I thanked Ms. Howard for inviting me to her wonderful school. She shared that she will be telling her colleagues to invite me to their schools too. It was a precious and memorable afternoon at Our Lady of Fatima School in so many beautiful blessed ways.