A Joyous Uplifting Morning Presenting at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School

As I arrived at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School, I was happily welcomed by a teacher from the PIP Department. She kindly directed us to the office, to sign in and to acquire our bright pink visitor stickers, which we promptly obliged. As we exited the office, Ms. Pearl, St. Edmund Campion Secondary School’s Alternative Education/Credit Recovery/Moderns, Department Head Student Success teacher, warmly greeted me to her school. She organized my presentation this morning, so I was very happy to make her acquaintance.

This morning’s presentation was extra special to me, as it was the first secondary school to invite me into their school, as a public speaker, since leaving Loyola Secondary last June 2018.   This memorable invitation, by St. Edmund Campion will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always wholeheartedly be grateful.

Ms. Pearl escorted me to the school library, situated across from the office. For a cloudy morning, it was a splendidly bright study room. Chairs were all set up, row by row, for the students attending my public speaking presentation. The projection screen and projector had already been set up and all I needed to do was connect my technology. The librarians, Ms. Hrvatin and Ms. Gorombey, made me feel so welcome. They had set up the library for my presentation and the room looked very professional.  They were both so very kind and helpful to me.  Ms. Gorombey even happily recognized me as she formerly worked in the library at Loyola too. What a blessed and beautiful small world we share!

Ms. Pearl resourcefully acquired a speaker for the projector, which worked out well. I used my laptop, tested the sound and made some necessary tweaks. Before too long, grade ten, eleven and twelve students started making their way into the library. While they entered, I met some students and teachers, who warmly approached me and introduced themselves.

Once my public speaking presentation started, everyone listened attentively. It was a beautiful audience. A question period followed. During this time, Mr. Cusumano, the school principal, introduced himself, and I was very pleased to meet him. Once the question period concluded, Mr. Cusumano and Ms. Pearl sincerely thanked me for my presentation. I felt absolutely honoured and delighted to have been invited, as a public speaker today. It was truly my pleasure in every way.

As people got up, many friendly students came over to meet me, and to speak with me too. All the teachers I met had an amiable disposition: There was Ms. Lynn, an Educational Resource Worker, who really enjoyed my presentation. I also met Ms. Nunes, the Parenting Class teacher. She appreciated my presentation too. Seeing her, fondly reminded me of my wonderful grade eleven experience taking the same Parenting course at Loyola Secondary.

Before students left the library this morning, they completed their Exit Tickets.  Below are excerpts from some of these:

Today I heard/saw … “That needing help isn’t a weakness.”

This made me think … “To accept the help, I get at school.”

Now, I wonder … “Why is it so hard to ask”

Today I heard/saw … “I heard a positive message about your life”

This made me think … “To be thankful for everything God blessed us with”

Now, I wonder … “Is your condition genetic?”

Today I heard/saw … “A strong young lady passionate about the path she has chosen to follow. I see a happy woman, proud of her accomplishments.”

This made me think … “What I can do to help people through their own situations”

Now, I wonder … “What I can learn about people’s diversity and how to be inclusive and treat everyone fairly.” 

Today I heard/saw … “that everyone is different and has a challenge or struggle that they are going through”

This made me think … “I can always help someone and that I can do it too and be better.”

Now, I wonder … “How does she do things like change or shower?”

Today I heard/saw … “Its beautiful to be independent and to love yourself”

This made me think … “How you do such wonderful things and it just makes me want to try my best”

Now, I wonder … “Was it hard growing up and going to school?” 

Today I heard/saw … “that no matter what is going on in life keep going forward”

This made me think … “how could Giselle get through this? I would of gave up, but Giselle never did. I’m proud of you Giselle.”

Now, I wonder … “Can I help people that are in need of help”

Today I heard/saw … “Life and growth of a young girl”

This made me think … “about how I take my life and their problems for granted”

Now, I wonder … “about how those around me deal with their problems when something happens in their life” 

Today I heard/saw … “We all matter and seek challenges in our daily life”

This made me think … “God created us in his own way, and we all need to help each other to the best of their abilities.”

Now, I wonder … “How I can make a change to those who seek everyday challenges” 

Today I heard/saw … “Someone want to change the world and making better”

This made me think … “To be your self and be proud to love my self”

Now, I wonder … “Can the world be changed that people can be save.”

Today I heard/saw … “Positivity and she can overcome challenges”

This made me think … “She is happy all times and living her dreams”

Now, I wonder … “Life can be difficult, but you can still be happy and live your dreams”

Today I heard/saw … “Giselle’s incredible story of perseverance and love”

This made me think … “How much of an impact we all have on each other, we are all connected, and no one should go through life alone”

Now, I wonder … “How I can have a more positive perspective when facing challenges”

Today I heard/saw … “Giselle talk about her disability and share with us her life story and how she overcome her challenges”

This made me think … “To appreciate the life that I have and to never give up as there are people in the world who have it harder and I should educate myself more.”

Now, I wonder … “That we are all the same no matter what. I would like to know how she always stays so positive and manages to overcome her obstacles?” 

Today I heard/saw … “I heard and saw that you work very hard on your dreams”

This made me think … “that I could work hard like you”

Now, I wonder … “if you will do more of these”

Today I heard/saw … “We’ll face challenges, but we face it in a positive manner”

This made me think … “I should focus more on the positive”

Now, I wonder … “Can everyone treat everyone with respect”

Today I heard/saw … “Giselle Gaylie”

This made me think … “You can overcome any obstacle if you put your mind to it.”

Now, I wonder … “How I can positively help others”

Today I heard/saw … “Giselle Gaylie”

This made me think … “You can do anything you put your mind to”

Now, I wonder … “How I can make a change in our world” 

Today I heard/saw … “Giselle Gaylie”

This made me think … “I can do anything”

Today I heard/saw … “An amazing story”

This made me think … “about how there are many extraordinary people in the world”

Now, I wonder … “What I can do to help” 

Today I heard/saw … “to take on challenge in a positive manner”

This made me think … “that Giselle stays positive”

Now, I wonder … “how to have a positive mindset”

Today I heard/saw … “A story of hope and courage”

This made me think … “That any challenge can be overcome when you are resilient”

Now, I wonder … “How can I help other people overcome their challenges” 

Today I heard/saw … “That Jesus doesn’t make mistakes.”

This made me think … “That we are all unique in our own way.”

Now, I wonder … “What more can I do to make a positive difference.” 

Today I heard/saw … “Giselle’s inspirational story”

This made me think … “that I can overcome my challenges”

Now, I wonder … “how to help people with special needs”

Today I heard/saw … “Giselle’s beautiful story of how to face all challenges with God and positively by your side”

This made me think … “how we take for granted the ability to do everyday things like walk”

Now, I wonder … “how can I be like Giselle everyday”

Today I heard/saw … “Giselle’s story and how she overcame her obstacles”

This made me think … “That everyone is different, and God made us each the way we are for a reason.”

Now, I wonder … “I wonder what I can do now to help other people express themselves or help others in general to overcome challenges.”

Today I heard/saw … “A life changing story that made me think”

This made me think … “That I can overcome any obstacles”

Now, I wonder … “How I can help others with their needs” 

Today I heard/saw … “To always stay positive”

This made me think … “Not to let other people’s negative comments to define me”

Now, I wonder … “How I can remain to stay and think positive no matter what” 

Today I heard/saw … “The way she lived life happy and accepting of herself”

This made me think … “I can do it and I just need to use her motivation to spark my own”

Now, I wonder … “Where she’ll be 25 years from now.” 

It was a joyous uplifting morning presenting to the grade ten, eleven and twelve students in the library. I am sincerely grateful to Mr. Cusumano and Ms. Pearl for inviting me to their school. It was truly an honour for me to present as a Public Speaker at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School this morning, where the school motto, “Named, Called and Chosen” inspires every student and guest.