A Wonderful Wednesday Wellness Day at Our Lady of Good Voyage Elementary School

It was a wonderful Wednesday Wellness Day at Our Lady of Good Voyage Elementary School in Mississauga. Upon arriving, we went to the office and we were warmly welcomed and greeted by Ms. Klein, the school Principal.  Ms. Brancalion, the Elementary Guidance and Experiential Learning Teacher, came to meet me at the school foyer.  Graciously and kindly, Ms. Brancalion and Ms. Klein co-ordinated my opportunity today to present to the grade five, six, seven and eight students.

Ms. Brancalion showed me to the library. Ms. Brandner, the librarian, was all ready for me as she had everything beautifully set up with her Smart Board and desktop. Ms. Belmonte, a Guidance and Experiential Learning Teacher too, came to see me in the library and to watch my public speaking presentation today.  I was very happy to see her and delighted that she came to see me too.

The grade eight students soon populated the library, followed shortly thereafter by the grade seven, six and some of the grade five students. They were all very quiet and intrigued to have me there. Once my public speaking presentation started, they listened attentively throughout it. During the question period, students asked great question, and I happily replied to each one of them. On behalf of all the students, a couple of young ladies sincerely thanked me and told me, they were inspired.

Below are excerpts from some of the Exit Tickets completed this afternoon in the library:

Today I heard/saw… “to always face my challenges”

This made me think… “Don’t take things for granted”

Now, I wonder… “next time I see an elder or someone struggling, I can help them and be friends with them. Thank you for sharing your story.”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle Gaylie.”

This made me think… “That we need each other”

Now, I wonder… “If I can help other people when they need me”

Today I heard/saw… “people are not islands and we should talk to others”

This made me think… “It is true, and I should open up more”

Now, I wonder… “Who am I going to open up to”

Today I heard/saw… “the struggles of Giselle and how God helped her”

This made me think… “about all the other people in the world who have to go through these challenges”

Now, I wonder… “what I can do to help people like Giselle Thank You”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard how tough it is to learn and I learned to ignore people that make fun of you”

This made me think… “how you aren’t worse than others if you have a disability because everyone is equal, and no one is a mistake”

Now, I wonder… “why people bully others because they need to put them in their shoes and see how you would feel”

Today I heard/saw… “that everyone is special in their own way.”

This made me think… “People with a disability have it much harder in life but we are all the same and need people. Because God doesn’t make mistakes”

Now, I wonder… “I wonder how it would feel to have a disability”

Today I heard/saw… “That you should be proud of who you are. You are a star just as you are.”

This made me think… “that no matter what don’t judge a book by its cover – there is always hope”

Now, I wonder… “If I will be able to push myself to the limit like Giselle did.”

Today I heard/saw… “A presentation on how to deal with personal challenges”

This made me think… “I thought this presentation was inspiring”

Now, I wonder… “How can I help others who are facing their own problems in life?”

Today I heard/saw… “how Giselle turned / made her life amazing”

This made me think… “how lucky I am to go to school with caring teachers who want us to succeed”

Now, I wonder… “how she can keep up a positive attitude after all these years”

Today I heard/saw… “Just because you are different doesn’t mean anything. Don’t listen to mean comments.”

This made me think… “doesn’t matter how you look or do things you are still a human being”

Now, I wonder… “How would I feel and be like if I had a problem. How would I respond to it?”

Today I heard/saw… “how someone with a disability lived like a normal child and faced their challenges.”

This made me think… “That no matter who you are, you have to treat them equally.”

Now, I wonder… “how can I make a difference to help those that have disabilities.”

Today I heard/saw… “A person who told us to help one another & to not be negative.”

This made me think… “that everybody needs help”

Now, I wonder… “how people help one another”

Today I heard/saw… “you need other people to help you through challenges”

This made me think… “How can I help people that go through challenges”

Now, I wonder… “If people hear story, will they have a change of act and help people more?”

Today I heard/saw… “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path make a trail”

This made me think… “about being inclusive to everyone.”

Now, I wonder… “If I could have been a better person to others.”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard how to help other and me.”

This made me think… “That friendship is very important”

Now, I wonder… “How will I make sure I can continue it”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard that Giselle faced challenges. People helped her. She does not give up.”

This made me think… “That you have to accept people the way that they are.”

Now, I wonder… “How she made it threw these difficult times.”

Today I heard/saw… “not to judge people”

This made me think… “Am I a bully”

Now, I wonder… “I will try to be nice”

Today I heard/saw… “No matter what, you shouldn’t give up.”

This made me think… “I am happy God created me perfectly”

Now, I wonder… “If she is still happy”

Today I heard/saw… “how Giselle faced her problems with a positive mindset, & how she didn’t let her disability define her.”

This made me think… “how courageous & brave she is, and how I can be like her.”

Now, I wonder… “how can I face my problems with a positive attitude?”

Today I heard/saw… “That Giselle doesn’t think anything can stop her.”

This made me think… “WOW! I’m mind blown. If she believes she can do it, so do I.”

Now, I wonder… “If there are more people like her in this world”

Today I heard/saw… “There is nothing you cannot overcome. That you should accept everyone for who they are and should always be positive”

This made me think… “She is a good role model for everyone, she taught us to be positive and be proud”

Now, I wonder… “If she has an ability to walk and do things, she would be success, but I’m impressed that she is perfect the way she is now.”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard and saw someone talk about their challenge”

This made me think… “This made me think if I could try harder in school”

Now, I wonder… “Now I wonder about how I can be a better person and try harder every day”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard about Giselle Gaylie and how she overcome multiple illnesses / challenges.”

This made me think… “Anything is possible with the help of others. Also, positivity can help with these obstacles.”

Now, I wonder… “Am I giving the same respect to people with illnesses as I am with friends?”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard the life story of Giselle Gaylie”

This made me think… “That through all of our challenges we can always push through”

Today I heard/saw… “a girl named Giselle Gaylie; she had told us about her challenges.”

This made me think… “her presentation made me think that everyone has different challenges but it’s how we deal with them”

Now, I wonder… “how having a positive or negative outlook can effect our challenges & decisions”

Today I heard/saw… “A presentation by Giselle Gaylie which inspired me very much.”

This made me think… “about how positivity helped Giselle and can help others.”

Now, I wonder… “if I show enough positivity and kindness to my peers.”

Today I heard/saw… “I saw that anyone can be good thing but if we work harder and never give up”

This made me think… “This let me think, if the people say, I can’t  – No, you can do anything with work harder.”

Now, I wonder… “if everyone works harder in his life and never say ((I can not)) and never give up.”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle cannot speak and has cerebral palsy. We MATTER.”

This made me think… “why I take things for granted. Giselle has problems but she ALWAYS tries. She taught me no matter what TRY.”

Now, I wonder… “if I will Try, and if I do, where it takes me.”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard that if we needed help to get it, and to respect”

This made me think… “To respect others and do what is right”

Now, I wonder… “I wonder why I didn’t decide to ask others for help?”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard that we should choose what we do in our lives and we should get help when we need it.”

This made me think… “this made me think that we should do what is right and what we believe in”

Now, I wonder… “I wonder why I never thought of this earlier in my life.”

Today I heard/saw… “Seeking help builds character.”

This made me think… “about everyone is there to help anyone when in need”

Now, I wonder… “How can I grow the courage to ask for help?”

Today I heard/saw… “-All things are possible with God. -The inspiring life of Giselle Gaylie.     -Don’t be shy and open up.”

This made me think… “I am thinking of we have the power to do anything about our issues what do we do if others expand the issue?”

Now, I wonder… “What it is like to be in Gaylie’s shoes?”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard Gaylie and her never giving up will to do things while dealing with challenges”

This made me think… “That with what she is doing I can be positive when I am dealing with issues”

Now, I wonder… “How me and everybody who listened & watch will now act”

Today I heard/saw… “How Giselle Gaylie lived her life”

This made me think… “That no matter who you are you are special”

Now, I wonder… “How some people survive with disabilities.”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle. She is an amazing girl.”

This made me think… “She cannot talk but she can get through it all”

Now, I wonder… “If she likes to do lots of cooking or new things.”

Today I heard/saw… “A speaker with a disability trying to change the world by help from others and sharing her story with everybody. She never let people hurt her”

This made me think… “Why do people think it is okay to think someone who has a disability can’t accomplish something.”

Now, I wonder… “How can I change the school with the things I know. How can I stop people from making bad choices and making fun of people with disabilities?”

Today I heard/saw… “A guest speaker that had a disability of speech, but she still stayed positive growing up”

This made me think… “To never give up and stay positive”

Now, I wonder… “How many people suffer with this disability”

I sincerely feel blessed to have inspired students on Wellness Day at Our Lady of Voyage Elementary School today.

Within the school foyer, some memorable pictures were taken, which will always remind me of this visit and the genuine warmth of its’ students and friendly staff. Before leaving this lovely school, Ms. Klein thanked me for visiting and presenting to her students. As always, it was truly my pleasure.