A Gracious Joyous Afternoon Public Speaking at St. Helen Separate School

As I entered St. Helen Separate School this afternoon, I was graciously greeted by Mr. Basran, Principal, who was kind with lavish approbation. Genuinely grateful to have me at his school to speak to his students, he showed me to the gymnasium. It was impressively and beautifully decorated for the Rosary of the Apostolates visiting the school the next day; moreover, the projector and screen were all set up, and even the chairs were nicely and neatly lined up row by row to accommodate the students during my public speaking presentation.

While in the gymnasium, I met Mr. Davenport, the grade eight teacher, who came by to meet me. Ms. Belmonte, Elementary Guidance and Experiential Learning Teacher, arrived and was happy to see me again. A little thereafter, Ms. Brancalion, Elementary Guidance and Experiential Learning Teacher, arrived and was also quite delighted to see me again too.

As the grade five, six, seven and eight students and their teachers started to arrive in the gym, they took their seats. Immediately thereafter, I started my presentation. During the question period, which followed, great questions were asked. Once concluded, Mr. Basran wholeheartedly thanked me, and I was very pleased.  Students approached me afterwards and were happy to meet me. A large group picture was taken by Mr. Basran.

Before the students exited the gymnasium with their teachers, they completed their Exit Tickets.  Here are a few excerpts from some of these:

Today I heard/saw… “about a girl named Giselle who faces challenges”

This made me think… “Wow, she is confident and ready to help others.”

Now, I wonder… “Why have I ever doubted myself, I am very lucky. Potato image says, ‘I am truly inspired’.”

Today I heard/saw… “Today I heard that each and everyone is awesome and strong.”

This made me think… “This made me think that I can go through challenges not alone.”

Now, I wonder… “Now, I wonder how nice it is to be alive even though you’re not the same”

Today I heard/saw… “that we need to stand up for ourselves.”

This made me think… “That we are all special.”

Now, I wonder… “Why cant everyone be as confident and special like her. And tell her that she is very brave and bright. ps. And strong”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle Gaylie a high school graduate. I learned from her that I’m never alone and that someone is always there to help you through thick and thin.”

This made me think… “how lucky I was. She has a lot of positive energy. She is disabled and I am not, yet I still complain. I’m negative sometimes too. This really opened my eyes.”

Now, I wonder… “If I can have a very positive mindset just like Giselle”

Today I heard/saw… “God makes no mistake”

This made me think… “We are perfect in our own unique way”

Now, I wonder… “we may not look the same, but we are in one giant family in Christ.”

Today I heard/saw… “A girl with a disability who always stays positive.”

This made me think… “How can I be as positive as her”

Now, I wonder… “Why people are so negative”

Today I heard/saw… “A great person who tells us we can change the world.”

This made me think… “We can help one another by helping someone who has trouble on something.”

Now, I wonder… “If we can be able to understand ourselves and others and try to be the best as we can be”

Today I heard/saw… “what it’s like to have a disability”

This made me think… “how inspirational her life is”

Now, I wonder… “if I can help myself with my issues and learn to be proud of myself.”

Today I heard/saw… “An inspiring story of Giselle Gaylie. She talked about how every is a challenge you just need to be positive and courageous to overcome them.”

This made me think… “About the challenges everybody faces everyday and how my challenges are different.”

Now, I wonder… “What challenges everybody faces and how we can help everybody to overcome them. THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING US GISELLE!”

Today I heard/saw… “A beautiful, kind, caring, smart and powerful human being.”

This made me think… “how she fought through her battles and that she is brave!”

Now, I wonder… “nothing! She is amazing.”

Today I heard/saw… “Someone who fought for her life. I heard her struggles and saw her overcome them.”

This made me think… “That no matter the challenges I face in life, I can overcome them.”

Now, I wonder… “If I’d be as motivated as Giselle was with her disability…”

Today I heard/saw… “A presentation about a person with CP, and how she managed to get through challenges.”

This made me think… “That as humans, despite the troubles in our lives, can make it through anything.”

Now, I wonder… “If maybe one day I could be as positive as her ?

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle, she is a strong soul.”

This made me think… “that everyone is here for a reason and a purpose”

Now, I wonder… “how harder it is to be someone else. You’re an amazing soul Giselle”

Today I heard/saw… “I saw how hard her life was, but she kept trying.”

This made me think… “it must have been a hard life for her.”

Now, I wonder… “I wonder was it hard to have friends.”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle talk about her disability and how she overcame her obstacles.”

This made me think… “WOW! She’s so brave! You’re a good person Giselle! ?

Now, I wonder… “Why the universe gave the challenges to such a great person.”

Today I heard/saw… “A smart, positive confident person that has a big heart.”

This made me think… “that anything is possible, and that we are never alone.”

Now, I wonder… “How old she is, and I wonder if she has always been this confident.”

Today I heard/saw… “Someone who is named Giselle who face physical challenges. And all about her.”

This made me think… “She is very confident. And she pushes away all the negativity.”

Now, I wonder… “She is very confident about herself. Why have I compared other people to myself when everyone is there own kind.”

It was another wonderful afternoon public speaking.  Before leaving this lovely school, we took some additional pictures, with Mr. Basran, the consummate gentleman. It was great to be amongst such friendly ladies, like Ms. Brancalion and Ms. Belmonte again today too.