Presented at Awesome St. Alphonsa Catholic Elementary School Today

Today I went to St. Alphonsa Catholic Elementary School in Brampton.  We arrived early and met with Mr. Kozma, Special Education Resource Class Teacher, who was pleased to meet me. He promptly escorted us to the gymnasium, where I was to present as a public speaker this morning to all the grade five, six, seven and eight students. While setting up, the principal, Mr. Cassar, arrived to help facilitate with the school’s state of the art audio visual equipment.

Technologically savvy, Mr. Cassar was able to promptly resolve a few audio issues, I was experiencing with my Dell laptop. After successfully testing the sound and visuals, I was ready for the students. Before long, the students began to populate the gymnasium. Mr. Cassar gave an insightful and poignant introduction to the students, emphasizing the importance of how we all matter.

A kind helpful grade eight student, Anastasia, was designated to assist me during the question period. She kindly wore my FM wireless microphone and she held the school’s handheld microphone. As the students raised their hands to ask questions, Anastasia courteously approached each student. The students were keenly inquisitive, and I was happy to reply to each one of their questions.

After the question period, Mr. Cassar shared some kind and appreciative closing remarks with everyone, which I sincerely appreciated.  The students took a couple of minutes to complete their Exit tickets and many of them also happily approached me to ask me some additional questions. They were happy to meet me and to share how much they enjoyed my presentation.

Below are a few excerpts from some of the student’s Exit Tickets:

Today I heard/saw… “I heard that God made us all, and God doesn’t make mistakes. I saw how kind she is.”

This made me think… “How would it feel if I were in her shoes.”

Now, I wonder… “Would I be anything like her if I were disabled?”

Today I heard/saw… “I saw someone that struggles a bit with life”

This made me think… “That when challenges hit us, we can overcome them”

Now, I wonder… “What life would be like from her perspective”

Today I heard/saw… “A person that appreciates who they are”

This made me think… “To stay positive be who you want to be”

Now, I wonder… “That there are people out there that love you for you”

Today I heard/saw… “I saw someone with challenges in life and speaking about life and that we have to overcome each challenge and we don’t have to do it alone”

This made me think… “that there’s people with negative thoughts and we should not care about these and not let their negative comments affect us”

Now, I wonder… “how I can overcome those difficulties and how I can help other people with these”

Today I heard/saw… “Never let anyone put you down and be happy in your own body.”

This made me think… “Everyone needs help don’t be afraid to accept it.”

Now, I wonder… “What would you want to do if you were not a public speaker?”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle speaking with a very open-mind, she is a very positive person.”

This made me think… “This made me think of how this might be challenging for her”

Now, I wonder… “Now, I wonder how she participates in sports like baseball and swimming”

Today I heard/saw… “-Giselle Gaylie – A brave person who is ready to share their experience.”

This made me think… “-She may be different, but that isn’t stopping her from reaching goals -Everyone deserves support and help.”

Now, I wonder… “-Does everyone who have difficulties receive support?”

Today I heard/saw… “I saw that things and people can’t keep you down.”

This made me think… “This made me think that I’m not by myself.”

Now, I wonder… “that this talk will help me be a better person”

Today I heard/saw… “A girl who had many struggles through life, but she got through them with a positive attitude.”

This made me think… “About how I should always think positive and not let negativity get to me.”

Now, I wonder… “how she feels being put in that position.”

Today I heard/saw… “That everyone has a purpose on this earth. God made us for a reason and does not make mistakes”

This made me think… “That it is okay to accept help when it is given”

Now, I wonder… “What job do you aspire to do when your older if you could not be a public speaker?”

Today I heard/saw… “about the many challenges impaired people face.”

This made me think… “about how thankful I should be for having a great life.”

Now, I wonder… “how I can help people feel accepted and included.”

Today I heard/saw… “that when there is a problem, you shouldn’t give up. I heard how important it is to love others and yourself no matter what”

This made me think… “I should be confident even if people try to put me down.”

Now, I wonder… “Why people put others down because of the way they act or look”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle Gaylie who overcame many difficulties and challenges in her life. But although this all happened, she had faith in herself and never gave up.”

This made me think… “That everyone is different and everyone has their own way of doing things in life. Giselle is a strong girl who was a good role model for others. I understand that God is always caring and NEVER makes a mistake.”

Now, I wonder… “how hard it was for Giselle to get along with others and get accepted by them. God is great and I hope she will keep striving for faith and become a very great role model! ?

Today I heard/saw… “-No matter what happens you are never alone. She faced a lot of challenges.”

This made me think… “There are many other people in the world with disabilities and it’s important to help them out.”

Now, I wonder… “I wonder now how people can spread more awareness about people’s different disabilities, so we can help more people and make their day!”

Today I heard/saw… “That she has overcome many difficulties that has shown that you should never give up”

This made me think… “Everyone deserves to live a life with no conflict, and everyone should be included”

Now, I wonder… “How I can help those who suffer under the same causes as she does.”

Today I heard/saw… “Today I met a wonderful woman named Giselle, she has a disability, but it doesn’t hold her back from living her life.”

This made me think… “This made me think that if she can face such a difficult obstacle in her life and still push through that shows me to never give up.”

Now, I wonder… “What gave Giselle the passion for being a public influential speaker.”

Today I heard/saw… “-Giselle Gaylie -She graduated from high school. -Has disabilities -Mentions we are perfect just the way we are.”

This made me think… “-Even though she is different from all of us, there’s no need to be afraid. – Needs a lot of assistance with doing things. -I should never give up. -Help each other.”

Now, I wonder… “-How difficult can it be as a disabled person? -Every disabled person needs assistance? Was it tough to make friends?”

Today I heard/saw… “A woman that made me rethink the way I judge people and what I am grateful for. Her name is Giselle.”

This made me think… “about my family and friends and who are the people that should be in my life.”

Now, I wonder… “What I can do to help change the life of others.”

Today I heard/saw… “That everyone comes across challenges even if they are big or small.”

This made me think… “we can help each other with these problems / challenges.”

Now, I wonder… “How I can help someone who needs help with their challenges.”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard that everyone is never alone no matter what.”

This made me think… “That everyone is the best and amazing no matter who they are”

Now, I wonder… “If she can do anything what would it be?”

Today I heard/saw… “Confidence. The beauty in Giselle. Greatness in life. Giselle’s great personality. Her importance to all of us. How God is good. She is where she is today!”

This made me think… “I can do much more seeing how many great things she can do at her state. How hard she works to be herself”

Now, I wonder… “When she grows if she will keep doing what she is doing today and grow on it. The many good things she will do throughout her life.”

Today I heard/saw… “We can change the world! That no matter her weakness that she has strength to continue on and make a change”

This made me think… “that anything is possible because someone in a wheelchair can make / or do anything.”

Now, I wonder… “Where will I go what will I become what strengths will I have and challenges I will face. (You’re the best)”

Today I heard/saw… “about Giselle’s experiences throughout life and how she overcame them.”

This made me think… “about different people who go through similar experiences in life.”

Now, I wonder… “about how I can look at life differently from a new perspective.”

Today I heard/saw… “Today I saw Giselle, a beautiful woman with a disability. I also heard about her story and how others were always there for her.”

This made me think… “That God is good and that anything is possible no matter what.”

Now, I wonder… “How Giselle goes through her life with many people throwing negative comments at her.”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard lots of amazing advice and positive things.”

This made me think… “I should be more confident in myself.”

Now, I wonder… “What my future holds.”

Today I heard/saw… “that you can make a positive difference & I saw that she didn’t care what people thought of her.”

This made me think… “about how you need people around you & you can overcome any challenge”

Now, I wonder… “how its like to be different from others & have a disability.”

Today I heard/saw… “That everyone is unique & know ones different.”

This made me think… “no one is better or perfect”

Now, I wonder… “You taught me a lot, I have …. I’m unique. Thank you.”

Today I heard/saw… “That you can overcome any challenge no matter how big or small the challenge is.”

This made me think… “If she can overcome any challenges she can, then I can to.”

Now, I wonder… “how does it feel to be different then others.”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard that God does not make mistakes.”

This made me think… “That I am special.”

Now, I wonder… “Could I could do more?”

Today I heard/saw… “that she doesn’t allow negative comments to stick to her”

This made me think… “that if she can have a good life, everybody can.”

Now, I wonder… “how she felt when people said bad things about her”

Mr. Cassar and Mr. Kozma were gracious hosts. They took pictures with me before I left. They were pleased that I came to present to their students, and I was happily satisfied to have been given the blessed opportunity to present to these friendly and attentive students.