Fantastic Afternoon Presenting at St. Elizabeth Seton School on Diversity and Wellness Day

There was a brilliant sun shining, when we arrived at St. Elizabeth Seton School this afternoon. At the office, we asked a student office assistant for Ms. Hussul, Elementary Guidance and Experiential Learning Teacher Mississauga North, who invited me to the school as a Guest Speaker. While there, we signed in, as visitors and we put on our Visitor Stickers.  Moments later, Ms. Hussul came to greet us at the school’s main foyer.  She was very happy to meet me. She also called Ms. D’Souza, the Principal, from her office to come out to the main foyer to meet me too. Ms. D’Souza was equally pleased to meet me. While in the foyer, the school custodian, Mr. Matt, had been called to summon the stairlift from the lower level of the school.  Once the stairlift was on the main level of the school, where I was, I was escorted for a short ride down to the lower level. It was fun.

Once at the lower level, we turned left to go towards the gym. Once the doors of the gymnasium were opened, I was absolutely delighted to see everything was all professionally set up just for me.  There was the projector, the sound system, the wireless microphone and the screen. It looked amazing.  With Ms. Hussul’s help, we acquired a small desk from the stage for my laptop. Moments later, Mr. Naismith, the grade eight teacher, who wonderfully set up the school equipment in the gym for me, came to offer further assistance. His timely visit helped to ensure the sound system was working optimally too.  With Ms. Hussul and Mr. Naismith working together, chairs were set up for the grade eight students.

The grade four students arrived into the gym first and sat on the floor. It appeared the grade five, six and seven students populated the gym in numerical order and sat on the floor. The grade eight students arrived last and sat on the chairs.

Once everyone was in the gym, Ms. D’Souza gave me a beautiful and eloquent introduction to all the staff and students in attendance. She noted that as a Public Speaker, I have visited many schools sharing my message of gratitude and inclusion. During my presentation, everyone listened attentively. It was awesome. I really enjoyed presenting to all of them. For the question period, Ivan, a grade eight student,  graciously volunteered to wear my Rogers FM Microphone around his neck and to hold the school’s handheld microphone, as he went around the gym to all the enthusiastic students, who politely and eagerly raised their hands during an abounding question period. The students were inquisitively interested to learn more about me and as recess soon approached there were still curious keen students, with their hands raised.  It was a wonderfully rich afternoon of inquiry and I enjoyed my time answering them all.  On behalf of everyone there, Ms. Hussul gave me a heartfelt thanks for all my work.  I was very pleased by all the kind words and for being so well received by all these fine students.

Before they all left the gymnasium, with their teachers, they completed their Exit Tickets.  Here are excerpts from some of these:

Today I heard/saw… “her doing the speech.”

This made me think… “you can do anything”

Now, I wonder… “how I will do in high school”

Today I heard/saw… “That she had many challenges in her life and never gave up.”

This made me think… “about Mahatma Gandhi because he had many challenges in his life and also never gave up.”

Now, I wonder… “How old are you?”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle Gaylie talking about her life and problems and how she wasn’t alone and was able to overcome things.”

This made me think… “How brave and cool she is. And how I’m shy.”

Now, I wonder… “If I can be more outgoing”

Today I heard/saw… “A nice speech from a special person”

This made me think… “That no matter what God made us this way”

Now, I wonder… “What it would be like to have that condition”

Today I heard/saw… “A lady talk about the challenges in her life, a very nice lady”

This made me think… “Anything is possible”

Now, I wonder… “If I can be more helpful in a way”

Today I heard/saw… “A person with disabilities become a public speaker.”

This made me think… “That we all matter no wonder who we are.”

Now, I wonder… “What can we all do to help.”

Today I heard/saw… “Today, I heard Giselle’s speech on challenges.”

This made me think… “How I can be more helpful to people.”

Now, I wonder… “I wonder if I will succeed in challenges.”

Today I heard/saw… “An amazing person, a person that has gone through so much but still smiles.”

This made me think… “That I should be more grateful for being healthy”

Now, I wonder… “If I could ever be so grateful like her.”

Today I heard/saw… “Gaylie talk about herself and journey.”

This made me think… “about how much we take for granted that we have good, working bodies.”

Now, I wonder… “What its like to be so different but make a huge impact on so many people.”

Today I heard/saw… “What a person that has differences faces in her life.”

This made me think… “That even though people have difficulties in things you can get through it.”

Now, I wonder… “What if this was me.”

Today I heard/saw… “How she never lost hope, never gave up and kept going even though she had something that makes her different.”

This made me think… “How you can do literally anything even though some people say it’s impossible.”

Now, I wonder… “What are your plans for your future?”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle’s speech about her challenges”

This made me think… “I am not alone”

Now, I wonder… “about all the other people like Giselle”

Today I heard/saw… “A girl who is incredible.”

This made me think… “about all the challenges she had to concern.”

Now, I wonder… “if I am inclusive?”

Today I heard/saw… “that God makes everything possible, with man it’s impossible. (I mean the impossible or hard things.)”

This made me think… “I can do everything with God’s help. (I can trust him forever.) ‘There is NOTHING you cannot overcome.’”

Now, I wonder… “If I can help others just like God, when they need help. (I like to be helpful)”

Today I heard/saw… “A presentation which means a lot”

This made me think… “that I am luckier than I think …we are all like stars we are made of carbon”

Now, I wonder… “about what I can do for others”

Today I heard/saw… “A meaningful presentation”

This made me think… “how everyone is special”

Now, I wonder… “how can I be useful?”

Today I heard/saw… “A very inspirational public speaker, who inspired me.”

This made me think… “When I am down, I should think about people like her who are happy.”

Now, I wonder… how I can help people like she tells me to.”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle has gone through a lot and she fought through it knowing that she would succeed.”

This made me think… “That I am grateful for being healthy”

Now, I wonder… “If I could ever be as brave as Giselle.”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle’s speech on the challenges she been through.”

This made me think… “no person is better in God’s eyes.”

Now, I wonder… “What a gift it was to hear Giselle’s speech.”

Today I heard/saw… “How she faced the challenges.”

This made me think… “of the struggles in my life.”

Now, I wonder… “How did she feel about the challenges she faced.”

Today I heard/saw… “about Giselle’s struggles”

This made me think… “of the struggles in my life”

Now, I wonder… “how Giselle has been so strong to face her struggles.”

Today I heard/saw… “an inspiring presentation all about Giselle Gaylie”

This made me think… “That I am lucky and privileged”

Now, I wonder… “Why can bad things happen to good people, and what we can do to help.”

Today I heard/saw…? ? ? about a girl who was born with problems but made through tough times.”

This made me think… “That you can do anything if you try.”

Now, I wonder… “how hard it is to do something but if you try its possible. ?? ?? impossible is impossible if you make it possible ?

Today I heard/saw… “everyone is very important.”

This made me think… “That everyone can make a difference.”

Now, I wonder… “If I could make a difference?”

Today I heard/saw… “That I matter.”

This made me think… “if I matter, I can make a difference.”

Now, I wonder… “What can I do to make a difference”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle Gaylie and heard about her life challenges and to accept everyone.”

This made me think… “How lucky I am to be able to walk and talk. It also made me realise how hard it must be.”

Now, I wonder… “If I was disabled like Giselle how hard it is? How did she deal with obstacles in life?”

Today I heard/saw… “A confident person named Giselle that is happy and confident”

This made me think… “of how confident and happy a person could be even if they have some trouble with life”

Today I heard/saw… “everyone is different.”

This made me think… “Why am I so picky?”

Now, I wonder… “What if I had special needs.”

Today I heard/saw… “A girl how is blessed by God. She could do anything if she believes! Anything is possible with God!”

This made me think… “She is not alone. God will bless her through her life. God will help her through challenges.”

Now, I wonder… “How does she do this? I know now with her family, friends and God by her side.”

Today I heard/saw… “Just be who you are”

This made me think… “Who will I be?”

Now, I wonder… “we are all God’s children.”

Today I heard/saw… “about how help can make a difference in people’s disabilities.”

This made me think… “that with help, you can overcome anything.”

Now, I wonder… “Can I change lives like her.”

Today I heard/saw… “Courage and how we should be grateful for who we are.”

This made me think… “that we should encourage other people and include them ALWAYS”

Now, I wonder… “Why Giselle chose to encourage other people \ what made her think to? Hope you have a nice day GOOD LUCK with life! ?

Today I heard/saw… “I heard that we don’t grow alone and we all matter.”

This made me think… “This made me think that we all matter, and that God loves us all.”

Now, I wonder… “Now I wonder if we can all try to handle problems on our own – After your public speech I feel that when I get bullied, I should not let the bullies get the power over me. Thank you for coming. ?

Today I heard/saw… “Today I heard / saw that no matter who you are, you can do anything.”

This made me think… “This made me think that even if you don’t have things that other people have, you are who you are”

Now, I wonder… “Does everyone have strength and comfort they need? Do they have courage? Thank you Giselle for teaching me to be the person God wants me to be. You have made me feel like I am free. Would you like to be my friend?”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard that she doesn’t face challenges alone”

This made me think… “if you have a challenge you don’t need to face it alone”

Now, I wonder… “I wonder if it is hard to face challenges.”

Today I heard/saw… “a strong person named Giselle”

This made me think… “it made me think how if you need help ask for it!”

Now, I wonder… “if there is any limit to imagination / innovation”

Today I heard/saw… “That she went through many tuff things in life. She is so strong to go through everything and become a speech talker”

This made me think… “that people go through so many things because of their disabilities”

Now, I wonder… “how she went through all those tuff obstacles in life, we need more people as her – WE LOVE EVERYONE”

Today I heard/saw… “How she deals with her difficulties”

This made me think… “of how I think my life is difficult and challenging”

Now, I wonder… “How she has been so strong through her journey”

Today I heard/saw… “An inspiring presentation”

This made me think… “To be grateful for the life I have”

Now, I wonder… “how can I help people more”

Today I heard/saw… “A great mind with a disability accomplish great things.”

This made me think… “We should not judge people in need.”

Now, I wonder… “What we can do to help people with such great minds and hearts.”

Today I heard/saw… “Many people have helped her on the way. I saw pictures of her with many of the people that helped her.”

This made me think… “No matter what happens, stay confident, happy, kind, and don’t let yourself down.”

Now, I wonder… “What great future will happen for her. Who will she speak to next?”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle Gaylie”

This made me think… “With God, anything is possible!”

Now, I wonder… “If she will continue to be a public speaker for the rest of her life!”

Today I heard/saw… “about the difficulties of being different than others.”

This made me think… “about how I can be a better and much more positive person.”

Now, I wonder… “how my life would be if I was different.”

Today I heard/saw… “Challenges can not define a person”

This made me think… “If by getting help from friends and thinking positive I can overcome challenges.”

Now, I wonder… “If there are many people that go through difficulties & with positivity are able to do the same.”

Today I heard/saw… “How anyone can live a normal life even with problems.”

This made me think… “There are people who have more problems than I do, and I need to be better.”

Now, I wonder… “How can I be better and how to move forward in life.”

Today I heard/saw… “Today I heard and saw something very special it made me think …”

This made me think… “about her a lot and about how she is a gift from God.”

Now, I wonder… “how I would feel if I was Giselle. I think it would make me feel AWESOME! ? Thank you for making me see something special – Let’s make a difference”

Today I heard/saw… “*that to make a new future, not to follow a future you did not make, just like Giselle Gaylie * She thanks God everyday for everything.”

This made me think… “*That to be yourself not someone else *To always thank God for what he has given us.”

Now, I wonder… “*How did she overcome all these challenges? * How does Giselle be very positive during the hard times?”

Today I heard/saw… “Face challenges in a positive manner.”

This made me think… “To work hard and to never give up just as she did.”

Now, I wonder… “If I am going to be as strong as she is.”

Once all the students had left, Mr. Naismith conscientiously got to work putting away all the dependable, fine school equipment, that I had appreciatively used this afternoon. Ms. Brea Corbet, Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board Trustee Mississauga Wards 9 and 10, who graced my audience this afternoon, approached me and praised me for my work, which she said, she enjoyed and found it resonated with this month’s virtue of Acceptance.  I was very happy with all her kind and warm admiration of my work.

Ms. Hussul was equally pleased with my presentation this afternoon.  It was great to have it, so well received by everyone.

Once we left the gym, Mr. Matt was on hand to help get me up on the stairlift again, and back up to the school’s main level. I must admit, it was a fun little ride. As I went up, I saw many friendly students, who were generously sharing smiles with me and kindly exchanging good-byes with me too. While in the school’s foyer, taking a few final pictures, students and their teachers happened to be walking by, and again these students too were super friendly and kindly exchanged good-byes with me too.

Ms. Hussul, who was very considerate to me all afternoon, walked us out to my vehicle. She did a fantastic job organizing such a positive fantastic afternoon with these enthusiastic Seton Wildcats students on their school’s Diversity and Wellness Day.