Glorious Afternoon Public Speaking at St. Augustine Secondary School Today

When we arrived at St. Augustine Secondary School in Brampton, we entered through the main doors and into the spacious foyer of the school. A gentleman present, who works there, kindly directed us to the main office. As we approached the main office, I was met by the Principal, Ms. A. Galvao, who amiably welcomed me by name. I was delighted to meet her. She had wonderfully extended this considerate opportunity and invitation to attend here today as a Guest Speaker.

When we were in the office, we signed in as Visitors and acquired our Visitor stickers. In addition, Ms. Scanlon, Vice-Principal, came out from her office to greet me. She was both intrigued and delighted to have me there as a Public Speaker.  While a student at Loyola Secondary School in Mississauga, Ms. Scanlon was Vice-Principal there for a few years.

Ms. Galvao graciously escorted us to the library, where my public speaking presentation was scheduled to be held this afternoon.  Chairs had been placed, row by row for students. There was a podium at the front, that had a computer on it. To the right of it, there was a large projection screen. The area looked great and I was very happy that Ms. Galvao had accommodated the library so well for my presentation.

The library technician, Ms. Julie, was gracious and kind, as she logged in to the computer so I could use it for my presentation.  I really appreciated her professional assistance.  While setting up, a teacher, Mr. Evans came into the library, accompanied by a student to introduce themselves to me. I was absolutely delighted to meet them. At 1:00 pm students started making their way into the library. Ms. Galvao addressed students over the public announcement system too, and all other grade nine to twelve students, who had signed up to attend marvelously filled up all the seats and surrounding area.  It was a well-attended scheduled event.  I was very pleased.

Before starting, Ms. Galvao provided a succinct introduction about my presentation to all staff and students in attendance. To add, Ms. McDowell graciously expressed to all students the purpose of the Exit Tickets, they had all received before sitting down.

Once my Public Speaking presentation started and throughout it, I was very content with the warm reception by all staff and students in attendance. A question period ensued, and I was happy to answer questions.

Ms. Galvao and Ms. McDowell, on behalf of all students, wholeheartedly thanked me for my inspirational presentation. I felt blessed by all the warmth and kind appreciation.

Before students left the library, they completed their Exit Tickets.  Below are excerpts from some of these:

Today I heard/saw… “Someone spreading awareness for self motivation”

This made me think… “how I can be nice to everybody”

Now, I wonder… “How I can be a better person”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle giving words of wisdom.”

This made me think… “She is very brave and strong.”

Now, I wonder… “If I can be as brave and outgoing as her.”

Today I heard/saw… “Be open to receiving help”

This made me think… “Being open to things can improve a lot of situations.”

Now, I wonder… “How I can help others”

Today I heard/saw… “Motivational speaker”

This made me think… “The hardships and negative comments in school”

Now, I wonder… “How can I make a positive difference”

Today I heard/saw… “Motivation”

This made me think… “How grateful I am for the people in my life”

Now, I wonder… “With the help Giselle got in the education system, how will the education system change with Ford?”

Today I heard/saw… “confidence and strength from the speaker. She shares an empowering message.”

This made me think… “What more I can do to help others and enhance lives.”

Now, I wonder… “What were the support groups this speaker was a part of to make her feel empowered and included.”

Today I heard/saw…? Giselle struggles and how she overcomes them.”

This made me think… “How much strength she has within her.”

Now, I wonder… “How she has the strength to overcome all her obstacles ‘With God, all things are possible’”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle is beautiful ? Giselle’s life and challenges & positive outlook”

This made me think… “That Giselle is very strong individual and that there are good people who help.”

Now, I wonder… “I wonder if I can be as strong as her and see life as positively as she does.”

Today I heard/saw… “An inspirational speech”

This made me think… “That I can do anything with support”

Now, I wonder… “Have you ever met someone with the same / similar disability as yours”

Today I heard/saw… “a story about a young lady who found love for herself with others”

This made me think… “that I am capable of loving myself and others just giving everything time.”

Now, I wonder… “what more she can do with her abilities. She seems very brave and confident.”

Today I heard/saw… “a story about a girl who found a way to love herself with others.”

This made me think… “NEVER let anyone bring you down no matter what!’”

Now, I wonder… “how she could help others.”

Today I heard/saw… “God does not make mistakes”

This made me think… “Even people with special needs were meant to be here by God”

Now, I wonder… “Can technology be able to help those with other disabilities?”

Today I heard/saw… “Someone who is brave and keeps fighting”

This made me think… “about the challenges I faced before”

Today I heard/saw… “Don’t follow the path of others, go your own way and leave a trail”

This made me think… “I should do that.”

Now, I wonder… “Am I a leader?”

Today I heard/saw… “face challenges with a positive manner”

This made me think… “that using this probability will make it easier”

Now, I wonder… “If I be more positive will I beat the challenges”

Today I heard/saw… “I saw that many people go through challenges”

This made me think… “I am not alone and there is a way to fix everything”

Now, I wonder… “what can I do to help others, how can I stay positive!”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle talk about her life”

This made me think… “That you can overcome anything”

Now, I wonder… “about the future”

Today I heard/saw… “A motivating speech”

This made me think… “to not let others words effect me”

Now, I wonder… “how does her machine work when she wants to talk?”

Today I heard/saw… “A strong passionate young lady, who learned and stayed strong to love herself.”

This made me think… “we as human beings should love and respect each other equally.”

Now, I wonder… “If there was no hate and just love, how would the world really be?”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle’s story”

This made me think… “to Not Give Up, no matter what”

Now, I wonder… “what I can do to make someone’s day and make people more comfortable. Don’t Give Up! No matter what”

Today I heard/saw… “that people with disabilities are just as capable as people with no disabilities”

This made me think… “everyone can do anything”

Now, I wonder… “Why people give up so easily”

Today I heard/saw… “Face challenges with a positive manner.”

This made me think… “Get help to overcome obstacles.”

Now, I wonder… “With God all things are possible.”

Today I heard/saw… “That we should face challenges with a positive manner”

This made me think… “That when faced with a challenge, a positive manner will make it easier rather than a negative manner”

Now, I wonder… “If I were to be more positive would I be able to beat the challenges.”

Today I heard/saw… “Even though Giselle is different from others, she said that she doesn’t let others negative comments stick to her! Positivity!!!”

This made me think… “If one individual that is different can spread positivity, then we all should be just as capable”

Now, I wonder… “How hard was it to communicate / find the courage to become a public speaker? Note: She has definitely proved that technology is amazing?”

Today I heard/saw… “about the experiences that Giselle faced and how she faces her problems”

This made me think… “that everyone should treat others respectfully regardless of who they may be and what they are going through”

Now, I wonder… “how Giselle still has a positive attitude and friendly despite what she is facing.”

Today I heard/saw… “With God all things are POSSIBLE!”

This made me think… “God is always with me.”

Now, I wonder… “God works in many ways.”

Today I heard/saw… “To always face my challenges”

This made me think… “I shouldn’t let my challenges overpower me.”

Now, I wonder… “How to face my challenges with such little strength within me?”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle’s story”

This made me think… “that we need to learn acceptance”

Now, I wonder… “if there will ever be true peace and acceptance with everyone”

Today I heard/saw… “If you need help, go get it because it will empower who you are”

This made me think… “I should ask for help when I need it and not struggle to try and accomplish things by myself”

Now, I wonder… “What I can do to help others in my community? Welcome to St. Augustine – Keep on smiling – love”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle’s story”

This made me think… “Of how I take a lot for granted”

Now, I wonder… “How to help people like Giselle”

Today I heard/saw… “How to overcome difficult situations.”

This made me think… “I am grateful for the life I live”

Now, I wonder… “How I can be a better person”

Today I heard/saw… “a touching presentation given by Giselle about the challenges she has overcome in her life.”

This made me think… “that we are never alone. It is ok to ask for help and you are not an island.”

Now, I wonder… “that we should help others and make a difference to someone’s life. Whether at home, in school, or around the community.”

Today I heard/saw… “God doesn’t make any mistakes”

This made me think… “Everyone is going through hard times in life”

Now, I wonder… “If this made someone’s day”

Today I heard/saw… “A message that is inspiring – That everyone is different”

This made me think… “I should be thankful”

Now, I wonder… “If I could help people more often?”

Today I heard/saw… “-That challenges can be overcome, and that nothing should stop someone from being who they are.”

This made me think… “-That I should be myself, and not hold myself back from any challenges.”

Now, I wonder… “If I do just a little extra to help someone what would happen?”

Today I heard/saw… “*Someone strong, motivational, determined and passionate. I heard a great message.”

This made me think… “about my impact on the world. This made me think about the impact of others on the world as well.”

Now, I wonder… “What we are capable of if we all spread positivity.”

Today I heard/saw… “Challenges and obstacles are part of the human experience and we should handle them with a positive manner”

This made me think… “About the obstacles I face in life and how I handle them”

Now, I wonder… “how can I try to handle my issues in a positive manner”

Today I heard/saw… “With God all things are possible”

This made me think… “Jesus is the answer”

Now, I wonder… “That I can talk to God more openly”

Once we all left the library, some memorable pictures were taken in the foyer, outside the chapel, with some of the professionals, who helped to make it such a positive and educational event.  When we returned to the office to sign out, I saw Ms. Scanlon. She shared how much she enjoyed what she saw of my presentation. Before leaving, Ms. Galvao thanked me for coming to her school. I certainly felt honoured to be invited. It was certainly a blessed and glorious afternoon Public Speaking at St. Augustine Secondary School today.