Presented to All of Holy Spirit’s Elementary School Students Today

Today I visited and presented, as a Public Speaker, at Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary School in Brampton to a school population of over 300 students. I am so grateful to Ms. Judd, the school Principal, for kindly inviting me to present to all her students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight.

In the gymnasium. I met with Mr. Tallevi, a Resource Teacher, who assisted me with all my technological needs. He was amazingly helpful to me and I really appreciated all his kind and generous assistance.

During the question period, Angelina, a really kind student, volunteered to help me out, by wearing the FM Transmitter Microphone around her neck, while holding the wireless microphone.  As students raised their hands to ask questions, Angelina approached them, and everyone could hear the questions asked by students.  

Before leaving the gymnasium, students in Grade Three to Eight completed their Exit Tickets.  Below are excerpts from some of these:

Today I heard/saw … “a great speech about how we should accept everyone’s differences no matter what.”

This made me think … “what I can do to accept others the way they are.”

Now I wonder … “how I can do it in many different ways.”


Today I heard/saw … “Giselle, Public Speaker That Giselle seems always really happy even though things can be challenging and can be hard to do, but no matter what in the pictures she seems happy.”

This made me think … “That no matter how hard it is, it should never make you always sad and always stay positive, no matter what we all are the same and can be different, and unique.”

Now I wonder … “-How does she always stay positive and gets through everything? – What made her be a public speaker?”


Today I heard/saw … “Giselle, who is a Public Speaker. Giselle said she is proud for who she is.”

This made me think … “How many disabled people in the world are public speakers? People who are disabled like Giselle can do more than you think and have a kind heart.”

Now I wonder … “Will Giselle come back to Holy Spirit to speak out publicly in the future? How will it feel like for Giselle in her future years in her life?”


Today I heard/saw … “an inspiring speech about Giselle.”

This made me think … “anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”


Today I heard/saw … “challenges come in many shapes and forms, everyone is special, and we can all be strengthened.”

This made me think … “to face challenges in a positive manner, to seek help is a strength in character”

Now I wonder … “What are your future aspirations!”


Today I heard/saw … “someone with disabilities that can still do things”

This made me think … “why there is discrimination in the world”

Now I wonder … “how I can fix discrimination”


Today I heard/saw … “Today I saw the struggles that Giselle has to go through on a daily basis. I also saw that even though she has a disability she never gives up”

This made me think … “This made me think about how easy I have it and how easy my life is.”

Now I wonder … “Now, I wonder if she’s ever thought about giving up at anytime in her life.”


Today I heard/saw … “Today I saw someone’s life grow despite their challenges and obstacles.”

This made me think … “This made me think about all the other people who also have to face her difficulties.”

Now I wonder … “Now I wonder what would happen if she was born into a time without technology.”


Today I heard/saw … “how Giselle was letting us know how we shouldn’t give up and to stay positive and be with good people.”

This made me think … “that everyone can affect the world in a positive way.”

Now I wonder … “how Giselle stays so positive and encouraging.”


Today I heard/saw … “*Giselle faced challenges *had help from loved ones *She is proud of who she is”

This made me think … “*How can I help others? *Be thankful and happy for who you are and how God created you”

Now I wonder … “Why people bully others when no one is perfect. Everyone should be thankful for who and what they have”


Today I heard/saw … “-The challenges she went through -how she maintained a positive mindset through it all.”

This made me think … “-Does having a positive mindset make it easier to get through the challenges? (she went through)”

Now I wonder … “-If I had a positive mindset, will I see life from another perspective? Will I be able to experience new emotions?”


Today I heard/saw … “an act of kindness”

This made me think … “I should be a better person.”

Now I wonder … “Everyone is good and never give up”


Today I heard/saw … “‘With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible’ -support people in need. -we are all the same -Power to control -We can make a difference -Help others and accept help from others -We all face challenges -Be a positive difference -we are not alone”

This made me think … “-Lots of people need our help, around the world. We have to do what we can to help in anyway we can. -”

Now I wonder … “-How can I support people in need? -How can I reach out to people around the world (people I have no contact with)? Thank You Giselle”


Today I heard/saw … “-Empowering words and inspirational speech -No one is alone when taking on challenges”

This made me think … “-Many people overcome challenges with support -Going through challenges is a part of being human”

Now I wonder … “-What can humans achieve? What are different ways I can support others?”


Today I heard/saw … “Giselle with a great speech. She is a true role model.”

This made me think … “of how different we are, and we should be thankful”

Now I wonder … “How Giselle feels about travelling to different schools.”


Today I heard/saw … “I heard that no matter how many disabilities you have, your still human”

This made me think … “This made me think how easy life is for people without disabilities”

Now I wonder … “How different would her life be without all the positive encouragement and support by her loved ones”


Today I heard/saw … “Giselle show us a presentation about herself and how we are Special”

This made me think … “We don’t have disabilities we have diverse abilities”

Now I wonder … “We can all use different things to communicate.”


Today I heard/saw … “A story about a person who grew up with different abilities”

This made me think … “that I don’t have to be shy, I just have to be myself”

Now I wonder … “If everyone would accept everyone for who they are will the world be more peaceful.”


Today I heard/saw … “a very inspirational lady that has spread diversity and love throughout the whole school.”

This made me think … “Why aren’t there more people on this earth like her?”

Now I wonder … “If Giselle can do this, why can’t we all?”


Today I heard/saw … “Giselle Gaylie tell us about how challenges come in many forms, and to face them positively”

This made me think … “if she can face her obstacles in a wheelchair, I can face mine too.”

Now I wonder … “How can I try and maintain a positive attitude and a growth mindset facing my problems?”


Today I heard/saw … “I heard that when you work hard nothing can stop you”

This made me think … “That I can be a better person”

Now I wonder … “How can we change the world”


Today I heard/saw … “*I saw Giselle Gaylie and got to know what she likes *I heard that she has different challenges, and she’s not alone *She shows love and she’s a wonderful person.”

This made me think … “*That I’m not alone, and that God is always with me, even through hard times and challenges and I’m a star!”

Now I wonder … “*how would I feel if I was Giselle -to do what she does, all her challenges, her loves & feelings, to grow up like Giselle …?”


As a Public Speaker, it was an honour for me to inspire students.

It was a fabulous afternoon to be at Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary School.  The wonderfully supportive friendly staff and the fantastic students made a joyful difference in my life today.