Awesome Day Presenting at St. Thomas More Separate School

Awesome day presenting to warm, friendly, engaged students from grades six to eight at St. Thomas More Separate School on Bullying Awareness Week.

They were all so keen, attentive and had great questions. The approximate 240 students today made a great audience.

Exit Tickets were provided to all students in attendance.  Below are excerpts from some of these:

Today I heard/saw… “A person with disabilities, who could do almost anything others could do”

This made me think… “That everything is possible”

Now, I wonder… “How much technology has evolved.”

Today I heard/saw… “Asking for help doesn’t mean you don’t know anything”

This made me think… “I should ask for more help”

Now, I wonder… “How I can help more”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle’s presentation about her life, how she grew up and all the challenges she faced.”

This made me think… “that the phrase ‘everything is possible’ is actually true and this presentation showed me.”

Today I heard/saw… “Her walking with assistance!”

This made me think… “Anything is possible!”

Now, I wonder… “How did it feel knowing that sometimes you couldn’t do certain things? Did you have stage fright? You’re so inspiring. I loved your speech!”

Today I heard/saw… “A young lady making a diff in the world”

This made me think… “That everyone can make a diff.”

Now, I wonder… “How can I make a difference.”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard Giselle making noises of excitement. I saw a very proud &happy person.”

This made me think… “it’s so easy to change a negative thought into a positive.”

Now, I wonder… “How does the computer know what her answer is?”

Today I heard/saw… “An amazing presentation by an amazing person”

This made me think… “everything is possible if you put your mind to it”

Now, I wonder… “how many people have the same set back”

Today I heard/saw… “How we are not defined by what we can’t do”

This made me think… “of people on wheelchairs because they can’t walk, dance or use stairs, but they find a way to manage.”

Now, I wonder… “If we can make some kind of contraption so people with disabilities can do the things we do. No bullying!”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle Gaylie talking about her life obstacles and challenges she goes through daily. Also, I saw pictures of her being taken care of other people. I also heard her talking about accepting yourself and also accepting the help that we get from others. She described how school went for her and how she graduated. She said to be yourself and to not be shy. Gaylie explained how to be nice to others.”

This made me think… “of how hard life is for her. But I am happy about how she accepts herself as God’s creation!”

Now, I wonder… “How does Gaylie manage to go to school and how she manages to eat and do everyday things.”

Today I heard/saw… “-I saw a young woman -I heard to never give up -I saw her wheelchair”

This made me think… “-it made me to think How she never give up.”

Now, I wonder… “-to always be good to God because he is always watching”

Today I heard/saw… “A positive person who overcame their fears and NEVER GAVE UP”

This made me think… “Why people always complain”

Now, I wonder… “What I can do to help others?”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle has many disabilities, but she faces them, and she is proud.”

This made me think… “I can do anything if I put my mind to it”

Now, I wonder… “did she eat like everyone else or with help.”

Today I heard/saw… “about Giselle’s life how hard it was and how she was getting along with it”

This made me think… “This made think that if someone bullying you just ignore them, and be with people that is positive”

Now, I wonder… “I wonder why people make fun of Giselle / other people.”

Today I heard/saw… “A presentation explaining that we are not alone and have a positive point of view.”

This made me think… “We shouldn’t care of what people think or say but be the best of yourself and live life to the fullest.”

Now, I wonder… “Was Giselle bullied because of condition and is here because of that?”

Today I heard/saw… “Even if you have differences you can still achieve your goal. -Keep a positive attitude -needing help is not bad -a difference does not single you out from people”

This made me think… “*How hard it would be to have cerebral palsy *when you keep a positive attitude it’s easier to relief stress”

Now, I wonder… “*I wonder why people discriminate. *I wonder why people don’t ask for help”

Today I heard/saw… “A true fighter”

This made me think… “To never give up”

Now, I wonder… “Why do people get disabilities”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle Gaylie”

This made me think… “that its okay to have a disability”

Now, I wonder… “In God’s eyes we are all loved equally Why don’t we accept people the way they are?”

Today I heard/saw… “How I can overcome my challenges in a positive way with others.”

This made me think… “that I should help others more often.”

Now, I wonder… “how can I help people that are worse off than me, or people who have disabilities?”

Today I heard/saw… “How someone with a disability can still stay positive and likes to interact and do everyday things like everyone else.”

This made me think… “How I can be as positive in tough times and look at the bright side when things are hard to deal with.”

Now, I wonder… “How I can help someone suffering with a similar disability.”

Today I heard/saw… “Today I heard and saw a lot. I heard that she is a person that would not give up even with her disability”

This made me think… “This made me think about how anyone can do anything they want. We are all the same.”

Today I heard/saw… “that God is in all of us and he made no mistakes so we should include everyone.”

This made me think… “This made me think about how some people have a harder life than we do. We should still treat them as how we want to be treated.”

Now, I wonder… “how I can help others in life and how to make their life more happy.”

Today I heard/saw… “a disabled but still very successful and happy person.”

This made me think… “That I don’t need / shouldn’t be alone.”

Now, I wonder… “Why can’t people just be nice to each other?”

Today I heard/saw… “A speaker with disabilities talk about her life”

This made me think… “that she had this disability and she still persevered that shows that we should never give up if situations are tough.”

Now, I wonder… “If we ignore our differences and respect each other, would there be world peace?”

Today I heard/saw… “that Giselle has a rare condition that affects her mobility and speech.”

This made me think… “that if Giselle is able to overcome all her challenges, I am able to overcome the challenges that I face”

Now, I wonder… “if there will be technology created in the future that will help her become more mobile, and allow her to communicate better”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle talk about the difficulties she’s overcome, and I learned that we are all created equally in God’s mind.”

This made me think… “that Giselle is very positive and confident with herself, more than many other people.”

Now, I wonder… “How long did it take Giselle to become confident in herself?”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle Gaylie and how she overcame her challenges”

This made me think… “how can I get over small challenges using the right motivation”

Now, I wonder… “How can I make someone happy today”

Today I heard/saw… “Someone who had / has courage / faith no matter what she’s gone through”

This made me think… “That no matter what each person matters, and that she inspires people.”

Now, I wonder… “Why some people give up / when she doesn’t.”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard that I should help others and to change people by being nice and kind.”

This made me think… “How life is and how I would live it because a lot of people don’t have the chance that I do.”

Now, I wonder… “If I can help people that need help and how I would change the world.”

Today I heard/saw… “that it is possible to overcome every challenge.”

This made me think… “This made me think that I can overcome any challenge I face with a little help.”

Now, I wonder… “How I can help others overcome challenges.”

Today I heard/saw… “Today I learned a lot about Giselle, someone who never gave up and fulfilled her dreams.”

This made me think… “This made me think about my dreams, and that if Giselle could do it, I can too. And that everyone is the same.”

Today I heard/saw… “A motivational person who does not give up and heard to never give up and keep trying”

This made me think… “How lucky I am to be here and that I am healthy and do the things I love”

Now, I wonder… “what it is like to be like that and how much passion and faith she has and how she loves who she is and does not want to be anyone else but herself. She’s amazing!”

Today I heard/saw… “Even when there are challenges you shouldn’t give up!”

This made me think… “How thankful I should be for the life I have right now.”

Now, I wonder… “how we can try to put people with special need to be able to go to college or university.”

Today I heard/saw… “*very motivational* ‘I have not faced my challenges alone.’ ‘It’s okay to ask for help’”

This made me think… “This made me think if she can do it so can I. Following God and being grateful for what I have will make me happy.”

Now, I wonder… “I wonder how I can make someone happy today.Positivity”

Today I heard/saw… “Someone who defied all the odds and encouraged others to do the same.”

This made me think… “how powerful our gift of communication is and how we must stand up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.”

Now, I wonder… “If one day we will find a way to let everyone have a voice.”

Today I heard/saw… “How powerful determination & positivity can be.”

This made me think… “that every problem has a solution, so self-pity isn’t an option.”

Now, I wonder… “How others with difficulties can maintain their positivity”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard Giselle talk about bullying and how to deal with it. Also her life.”

This made me think… “That all of us are the same. We don’t have to treat each other different. This made me think that God made us for a reason.”

Now, I wonder… “How does the computer know what to say when asked a questions.”

Today I heard/saw… “how you can face your challenges with a positive mind.”

This made me think… “that you always have to have a positive mind even if you don’t have a lot.”

Now, I wonder… “How does the computer work.”

Today I heard/saw… “a very nice lady come to our school to talk to us about her school life with her disability.”

This made me think… “why do people not treat each other equally.”

Now, I wonder… “How can we change people for the better.”

Today I heard/saw… “A beautiful story of beautiful human being.”

This made me think… “There is nothing you can’t overcome.”

Today I heard/saw… “to never give up and to strive to your goal”

This made me think… “to always do my best.”

Now, I wonder… “how I can make a difference”

Today I heard/saw… “that facing life positively really helps.”

This made me think… “how I can be a more positive person?”

Now, I wonder… “has her family stayed positive?”

Today I heard/saw… “whether you are different it doesn’t matter”

This made me think… “that I could do wonders too.”

Now, I wonder… “that if everyone has a good heart, why sometimes they do not do it?”

Today I heard/saw… “A wonderful motivational speaker”

This made me think… “How inspiring it is to see how someone with so many obstacles can overcome them with grace and tenacity.”

Now, I wonder… “How kindness, hard work and positivity can help you overcome your problems.”

Today I heard/saw… “When you need help, go get it. We have to accept when someone offers it.”

This made me think… “how much easier everything would be, if we did it together.”

Now, I wonder… “In what ways can we help others? And how do we accept that we need help?”

Today I heard/saw… “help is something you should take advantage of”

This made me think… “that I should appreciate all the help I have”

Now, I wonder… “What help can I access that I don’t know about or have”

Today I heard/saw… “about a girl changing the world.”

This made me think… “That everyone can make a diff.”

Now, I wonder… “How can I make a difference in the world”

Today I heard/saw… “Small positive actions have great impacts”

This made me think… “I need to be positive and good to others”

Now, I wonder… “How can I be as positive as Giselle?”

Today I heard/saw… “Giselle’s life story / journal”

This made me think… “that we matter and together we can make difference”

Now, I wonder… “How can we help others with disabilities in today’s world?”

Today I heard/saw… “That seeking help in others is not a weakness”

This made me think… “How can I face my challenges?”

Now, I wonder… “How can help other people in their life.”

Today I heard/saw… “The Power of inclusive education!”

This made me think… “about how am I supporting my students”

Now, I wonder… “What else I can do…?”

Today I heard/saw… “*She tried to be the best student she can be. *She can’t walk by herself she needs somebody to help her walk. *She didn’t give up. She always prays.”

This made me think… “*Nobody’s perfect. *Don’t believe to other people saying *Ignore people that call you name.”

Now, I wonder… “*How she can play sports *Does she need someone to feed her. *Have she ever walked by herself but somebody is there to see if she’s gonna be safe. Now, I wonder? *Did some people make fun of you that she can’t walk and talk *Did she try to walk by herself *What’s her background”

Today I heard/saw… “I saw a woman who had a disability. I heard that loving people helped her. She is loved who she is.”

This made me think… “that people can help me.”

Now, I wonder… “Can I be a good person like how people helped her.”

Today I heard/saw… “that you have to help others no matter what all of us are unique”

This made me think… “how can we help each other with ur needs”

Now, I wonder… “how do we stay positive?”

Today I heard/saw… “To keep a good attitude.”

This made me think… “that I should be more nicer.”

Now, I wonder… “Why some people don’t ask for help”

Today I heard/saw… “How we all need help. To just be yourself.”

This made me think… “About what we should do to help other people.”

Now, I wonder… “If the world would be more caring if they knew this.”

Today I heard/saw… “Today I saw and heard that she has gone through a lot of challenges in her life time and that she is happy and nice”

This made me think… “This made me think am I being the best self I can be? How can I help others? Am I being kind to others?”

Now, I wonder… “Out of all assemblies we’ve had about bullying … , Why do I still get bullied. Why do other people still get bullied? How can I help other people?”

Today I heard/saw… “We are not alone People are always trying”

This made me think… “I can do anything”

Today I heard/saw… “that anything is possible to do if you try your best.”

This made me think… “how can I be the best version of myself?”

Now, I wonder… “How can I help others.”

Today I heard/saw… “a presentation where the main point was to be proud of yourself and be interdependent, to never give up.”

This made me think… “that it’s okay to receive help from others and to be more helpful to one another, because we all matter.”

Now, I wonder… “how many challenges we could overcome if we all worked together, such as global issues.”

Today I heard/saw… “I heard Gaylie’s amazing fight through life”

This made me think… “that I can do much better like her because even though she had a set back she did it so that means that even I can make it through”

Now, I wonder… “if she was able to do things in life as every other person and we can do, we can learn to fight and do our best like her”

Today I heard/saw… “We need to face our challenges with a positive attitude.”

This made me think… “We need to love ourselves the way we are. Be ourself. God made all of us and God does not make mistakes.”

Now, I wonder… “What can I do to improve myself, and the way I act?”

Today I heard/saw… “that Giselle overcame her challenges with the help from others and with her own strength.”

This made me think… “that everyone no matter what they are going through can still succeed and be happy”

Now, I wonder… “why some people are afraid to ask for help from their peers and why they feel like they’re alone when in reality we all have each other?”

It was really a great afternoon.  I am truly thankful to Ms. Noce for inviting me to her school to present to her amazing students.  She was a gracious host, who was most helpful and kind in getting me all set up in the gymnasium. I also really appreciated the student ambassadors, Kasper, Matias, Ava and Younetta, who were instrumental in ensuring everyone received an exit ticket and pen, and later collecting these too.  Matthew, also a student ambassador, wore my FM microphone around his neck, while he held the handheld wireless microphone during the question period.  They really all helped to make it run smoothly.

It was a wonderful surprise to see Mr. Davenport again today at St. Thomas More, teaching grade six students. I had met him back in May 2019, when he taught grade eights at St. Helen’s.  It was great to see him again. Ms. Noce, the friendly staff and students, made it a memorable day.