Enjoyable Afternoon as a Guest Speaker to Kindergarten and Primary Students at St. Edith Stein Elementary School

It was an enjoyable afternoon as a Guest Speaker at St. Edith Stein Elementary School in Mississauga today. Following a warm welcome by Ms. Ferrao, the Principal, we all went into the office, where I saw Ms. Damato, an administrative assistant, who previously also worked at Loyola Secondary School, while I was a student there.  We were both very happy to see one another.

Once escorted into the gymnasium, St. Edith Stein’s AV Team soon arrived, consisting of Andre, Nicholas and Kian, three students, who worked well together setting everything up for my Public Speaking presentation.  

Shortly after all the students arrived, and after a beautiful introduction by Ms. Ferrao, I presented to angelic students. During the question period that followed, Nicholas, from the AV Team was the formidable host, who held the wireless microphone, wore my FM System around his neck and approached students, when they raised their hands to ask questions. The enthusiastic students eagerly raised their hands and were happy to ask me questions. I was delighted to oblige them.

Before leaving, teachers were provided with Exit Sheets (one per class) to allow them the opportunity to discuss my public speaking presentation with their students.

While in the foyer of the school, I had the lovely opportunity to take a picture with Ms. Gasparini, in front of an inspirational mural that read, “With heart and helping hands, we can accomplish anything!” that her students had brilliantly created. I am truly thankful to Ms. Ferrao for inviting me to speak to such joyful students.