Growing Up Cycling

Cycling Motivation Video 2020

Music: ” ‘Plosion” by Luc Gaylie

Growing Up Cycling:

It’s important to always keep asking for help. Growing up I loved cycling and being outdoors. In fact. I still do! With special needs and cerebral palsy, I’ve had to constantly ask for help. In these clips from throughout my life, you can see me biking and being active with my family: my dad, mom and brother. Without the support that I receive, I would not be, where I am today.

I am able to motivate people with my life story. People look at me, and those, who have cerebral palsy and special needs and think that we are stuck in life. We all have to enable ourselves by asking for help and asking consistently to others for this help. Growing up wasn’t easy, lots of challenges for me and my family, with school and with almost every aspect of life. That being said, regardless of the challenges ahead of me, I have pushed through with the help of others. This success has allowed me to leverage my history to help motivate people like you and me, everyday people and everyone.

I like to bike, swim, play sports, watch movies, go out with my friends and just generally be active and social. This is only possible because of the people around me, because of my persistence in asking for that help from them. I never think whether I should ask or not, or if I’ll be a bother. It’s for them to decide whether they can do it. Sometimes the people around me are unable to help me in that current moment or even for a week or month or year! Nevertheless that isn’t a reason for me to stop asking for help from others. I push though.

In these biking clips, we’ve all had fun. What it doesn’t show is the struggle and time that it takes for me to get on a bike, the setup and the willingness of others. I am a living, breathing example that anything is possible. When I do anything, I do it with all my soul, mind and body.

I do it fully and completely in the moment. This means that I don’t focus on the future, the what if, the things that could go wrong or anything else. This is not to say that I am not sad or disapointed sometimes. I am disappointed, when I can’t do what I want to do simply because the people around me are unavailble. But I do not focus on this. I focus on what’s next. For example: my brother Luc is very busy with school but I really like biking, Sometimes I ask him if he wants to go biking and he does and says so, but he doesn’t have time today. So I then ask if he’s free tomorrow or when he is free so that I am able to get what I want done. Conversely if the thing I ask for is not doable, which it is sometimes, I don’t dwell on it. I simply then focus on the next thing to do. This allows me to push through my special needs and cerebral palsy, my deafness, my inability to talk with my mouth or any of the other limitations I have and instead it allows me to focus on what I can do. This same mentality I want to share with others.

Whether your limitations are as obvious as mine or they are more subtle. We all have our challenges that we need to push through and overcome. This cycling motivation video serves to remind people that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. From a young age I’ve been told by others: doctors, adults, people on the street how I can’t do things and I make it a point in my life to show them how I can do anything. I want to share this mentality with everyone, I can, so that they too can believe in themselves. While this video has many clips from my life biking, it can serve to be motivation for excercise, for working out, motivation for overcoming obstacles, motivation for success, motivation for weight loss, motivation for school, motivation for students or motivation for life.

Overall, if you have a deep desire that is truly in the core of you and you have the faith in your own ability, anything is possible. Desire comes down to truly wanting something. I truly want to meet as many people: kids, students, teenagers, adults as possible so I can have the largest impact on the world. It may not be easy but it’s what I do, day in and day out.

Sometimes it may be hard to see the progress, but I know that as long as I keep pressing on, I will make it. I know that because I have the faith in myself that I can do it. Even with my limitations, I know that anything is possible for me and that is why I know one day I will be able to talk to millions of people about thier mindset and how they too can achieve their dreams, just as I have and continue to do everyday.