Say, “Yes” to Life

Music: “Feeling Some Sort of Way” by Luc Gaylie

Growth Mindset Power: Say, “Yes” to Life

Have a great life.

Overcome Challenges

Overcome Obstacles

Ask for Help

Face Challenges Head On

Practice Saying Yes to Life

Improve your life

How to grow in life.

A growth mindset is key.

A growth mindset is power

Be unstoppable.

Giselle Gaylie is an inspirational motivational public speaker. She faces many challenges due to cerebral palsy, more specifically cerebral palsy quadriplegia; however, she manages to live life to the fullest everyday. With personal assistance, with the help from others, especially her family, she teaches us all that everything is possible. No one is an island. With the help from others, along the way, we can all be limitless too.

Giselle uses augmentative communication to speak. Giselle’s communication requires determined focused personal effort that reaps great personal rewards. With the help from her family, Giselle reflects upon her life’s experiences. Working together with her family, she is able to share personal insights from her life experiences to empower others to have it all too, despite life’s many challenges, in all its’ many forms.

Please follow Giselle on her life long journey as a motivational public speaker, by subscribing to her channel on YouTube and following her, on her many social media platforms, outlined above. Giselle’s passion for life, despite her many debilitating challenges, does not stop her from living her dreams; and, today, she wants to share with the world that nothing should stop you too. With God, and the help from others, you can truly have the life you want!