Great Morning Virtually Presenting to Guardian Angel Elementary School

It was a great morning virtually presenting to all students from Guardian Angel Elementary School in Brampton. I was honoured to have been invited as a Guest Speaker by Mrs. Daddabbo, the school Principal, during Bullying Awareness and Prevention week.

Mrs. Daddabbo gave a lovely introduction before I commenced my presentation. She also fabulously facilitated during the question period, which I appreciated tremendously. Great questions were asked by staff and students.

Virtual Exit Tickets were provided to allow students to reflect on my presentation. Excerpts from a few of these, are noted below:

Today I heard / saw … “I heard Giselle Gaylie say the God doesn’t make mistakes.”

This made me think … “She is 100% right.”

Now, I wonder … “God made us for a reason”

Today I heard / saw … “Giselle giving a motivational speech to Guardian Angels”

This made me think … “To never give up and to always improve yourself”

Now, I wonder … “after listening to the speech i wonder if i can help others”

Today I heard / saw … “Today I heard and saw a person who was able to overcome all the problems they had to face.”

This made me think … “This made me think about the importance of myself, and how special I am.”

Now, I wonder … “Now I wonder, if I can overcome all the challenges that I will face.”

Today I heard / saw … “A enlightening speaker that was talking about religion and how you should be positive.”

This made me think … “It made me think about how I could change my old behavior.”

Now, I wonder … “I wonder the impact of my actions and words to people’s mental health.”

Today I heard / saw … “A lot of inspiration things.”

This made me think … “I should stand up to my bully.”

Now, I wonder … “How to stand up to my bully”

Today I heard / saw … “Giselle talk about self love. She doesn’t let negativity stop her.”

This made me think … “What changed to make her think or feel this way?”

Now, I wonder … “How can i change to think and act with this positivity?”

Today I heard / saw … “someone with a disability making the most of their life.”

This made me think … “it is really possible to achieve anything, even with things holding you back.”

Now, I wonder … “what can I do to live my life to the fullest?”

Today I heard / saw … “i heard today is that she has a disease and she still talks to people.”

This made me think … “this made me think that we can do everything.”

Now, I wonder … “i wonder if i can make it past highschool”

Today I heard / saw … “A young lady who was inspirational and made me think about having a positive mindset”

This made me think … “That I can do anything I put my mind to doing”

Now, I wonder … “How I can be more like Giselle and never stop believing I can do anything even when its challenging”

Today I heard / saw … “Today I saw Giselle Gaylie a wonderful human being that has a multiple of disabilities that pushed through even with all these setbacks and is now preaching about self-love and how bullying is wrong. I heard her talk about how self-reflection and how it is so important and how we are all a work in progress. I also heard her talk about how bullies most likely have their own issues and problems so they are taking it out on their victims. She said not to take a mean person’s comment to heart because you should know your self-worth.”

This made me think … “This made me think how a girl like Giselle has so many setbacks, but yet she is such a great person and is so strong at heart no matter how many struggles she has been through, this makes me think that I can also follow in her ways as well.”

Now, I wonder … “Now, I wonder how I can spread the word about bullying awareness, love, self-love and more that I have learned today from Giselle”

Today I heard / saw … “That no matter what people think of you, you make your own accomplishments and surpass their stereotypes”

This made me think … “Very well of myself and that I should never put myself down”

Now, I wonder … “How I could make my own accomplishments”

Today I heard / saw … “that we are all made in Gods image and that we shouldn’t take it personal when someone says something hurtful”

This made me think … “how much she goes through and continues to be strong and continue to be the person God made her”

Now, I wonder … “what she deals with and how she gets through it”

Today I heard / saw … “A strong person who was speaking wise words.”

This made me think … “That no matter who you are, you can do anything.”

Now, I wonder … “How I can help others to become who they want to be.”

I really enjoyed my time with such an inspired, angelic, engaged school community. Thanks so much to Mrs. Daddabbo for making this virtual public speaking presentation possible to all her students. It truly was a great morning!