An Awesome Morning Virtually Presenting at The Divine Infant Catholic School in Toronto

It was an awesome morning virtually presenting to grade seven and eight students at The Divine Infant Catholic School in Toronto.

Once signed in Ms. Copps, the school Principal, warmly welcomed me.  She had the students seated in the library. They were certainly attentive.

Shortly thereafter, I started my public speaking presentation to an engaged audience.

Once I finished my presentation, one of the many students, expressed his gratitude and inspiration on behalf of all of them..

Questions were asked by inquisitive students. I loved their interest and I enjoyed answering their questions.

At the end of the question period, Ms. Copps highlighted her major take-aways from my presentation, which she genuinely appreciated.  She had beautiful comments for me, which gave me great joy.

The students gave me a final expression of thanks by giving me a standing ovation. It was a very kind and special honour!

Virtual Exit Tickets were completed by students, excerpts from some of these are noted below:

Today I heard / saw … “Today I heard that each and every one of us are special and complete.”

This made me think … “That everyone can be unique.”

Today I heard / saw … “An amazing and inspiring motivational speaker who made a difference in the world”

This made me think … “Of what I can do in my life to help others just like Giselle has done”

Now, I wonder … “How many people did Giselle help in the world and how many people can I help in the world”

Today I heard / saw … “Anything is possible with a little bit of effort and with good support, no matter what is happening to you, No Excuses”

This made me think … “That everyone is capable of doing something in their own ways. It is their strengths.”

Now, I wonder … “What kind of a person I can be and what I can do to be a better and healthier person.”

Today I heard / saw … “Today I heard the empowering story of Giselle Gaylie. Though her struggles, she still managed to find ways to inspire students across Canada.”

This made me think … “This made me think that even though people may be going through hard times, we can do anything.”

Now, I wonder … “Now, I wonder if Giselle is able to do what she did today, what things am I capable of doing.”

This made me think … “this made me think about a lot of stuff in my life”

Today I heard / saw … “Today i saw a confident person who never gives up”

This made me think … “This made me think that anyone can make a difference”

Now, I wonder … “Now i wonder if we can all make a difference”

Today I heard / saw … “Today I heard and saw Giselle present to us. She talked about her life, and the ups and downs. It was very meaningful and changed my perspective on life. I learned a lot from her and I’m thankful for her presence with me and my class.”

This made me think … “This made me think about the things I should be grateful for, it showed me my potential. It opened my eyes and made me think about how my challenges shaped me. She made me think about the positivity in my life.”

Now, I wonder … “I wonder how I can reach my potential and find my passion just like Giselle. I wonder how I can live life to the fullest. I want to know how to inspire others. I also wondered what other ways can I support people.”

Today I heard / saw … “Someone who, even with a disability can inspire people and make a change in someone’s life drastically just by making them more aware about others with disabilities”

This made me think … “I should take challenges given to me as gifts instead of burden’s and live life to the fullest”

Now, I wonder … “If it’s sometimes hard to make people more aware about those with disabilities”

Today I heard / saw … “I heard that I’m loved by all including God, to never give up, that God never makes mistakes, and that we are all the same because we are God’s children and that we all have a chance to be successful despite our physical features”

This made me think … “About how everything in my live is a blessing given to me and that everyone I have met has cheered me on to do my best and to do everything I can to succeed in life”

Now, I wonder … “If I never had anyone to help me with my troubles and sadness, would I still be successful and be able to enjoy my life by myself?”

Today I heard / saw … “What I heard today was very inspiring and encouraging words , seeing someone with a disability speaking upon their challenges and talking about how they overcame such things inspired me to be a better person, to have a more positive attitude upon my life.”

This made me think … “this made me think that anyone and everyone can do anything if they believe in theirselves ,  if they have a positive mindset and use the gifts that God has given us we can do whatever we bring our mind to.”

Now, I wonder … “I wonder what potential I have in life , what is to come to my life in the future. I wonder If I will be able to such amazing things when I grow up .”

Today I heard / saw … “Today I heard and seen that we all can complete and accomplish our goals even if we have challenges in our life, I also heard that God doesn’t make mistakes and we are all equal and we should treat each other equally.”

This made me think … “This made me think that I can complete my goals as long as I can do the work to get to it and to believe in myself, and encourage myself to do more to get to my full potential in life.”

Now, I wonder … “I wonder what I can do in my life to inspire people and to motivate them to complete their goals, and to make sure people get treated equally.”

Today I heard / saw … “i heard her taking about her challanges and ups and downs and god how he loves us”

This made me think … “this made me think it was inspiring”

Now, I wonder … “i wonder how she does it every day its amazing!”

Today I heard / saw … “She overcome her challenges to be who she now.”

This made me think … “It inspired me to be more confident.”

Now, I wonder … “I wonder how hard it took to overcome her challenges.”

Today I heard / saw … “Today I saw Giselle Gaylie and she change my life forever she was so happy and so confident in her self and wanted to help others with public speaking and she accomplished so much and inspired so much people.”

This made me think … “If Giselle can accomplish so much and she has a disability then I can try to accomplish challenges to.”

Now, I wonder … “If she can accomplish so much then it would not hurt me to be as confident as her.”

It is truly a blessing to inspire students.

I am sincerely grateful to Ms. Copps for the priviledge and the honour granted by being a guest speaker to her wonderful students this morning.