Blessed Inspired Afternoon Presenting at St Herbert Elementary School on April 20, 2023

As a motivational speaker, I had the wonderful blessed opportunity to speak to students from K-8 at St. Herbert Elementary School in Mississauga. I presented two presentations this afternoon, on April 20th, 2023. The first presentation was on the Relationship with Self and the Virtue of Love to grade four to eight students. The second presentation was on Acceptance, Perseverance and Kindness to the kindergarten to grade three students.

As a Guest Speaker with special needs, students learned about overcoming challenges in a positive proactive manner, inclusion, disability awareness and most important to strive to be their best self always.

I was honoured to be invited by Ms. Aguilar, the School Principal, to present to all her students. In fact, yesterday, was my first time back in front of a live audience since the pandemic, so, I was absolutely thrilled.

I also presented both presentations standing up, as opposed to sitting on my wheelchair, for the first time ever.

All students were asked to complete Virtual Exit Tickets, upon their return to class, to help them reflect on my presentation. Some completed them personally, while younger students completed them as a class. Here are excerpts from some of these:

Today, I heard / saw … “A nice and sad story about Giselle and I liked it.”

This made me think … “That just because you have something different than others it doesn’t matter and god created us all uniquely so it’s okay”

Now, I wonder … “How it’s like to live in a life like this.”

Today, I heard / saw … “That even if you have boundaries to climb over them. To not take others words to heart and only the ones that matter.”

This made me think … “if other people experience things that can hurt them.”

Now, I wonder … “I wonder if how long she has been doing this and inspiring others.”

Today, I heard / saw …Giselle Gaylie

This made me think … “my life is easyer tan i think”

Now, I wonder … “if i could do better”

Today, I heard / saw …Giselle speaking at our school.

This made me think … “If Giselle won’t let any obstacles get in her way of doing things, I can too.”

Now, I wonder …Would I also be able to encourage kids by doing the same thing Giselle does?

Today, I heard / saw … “Today i have heard and saw about Giselle Gaylie the motivatinal speaker talk about her life some of here struggles she had throug some of her life”

This made me think … “This made me think that trying to presue a goal is best”

Now, I wonder … “now i wonder what type of stuff dose Giselle dose speak on”

Today, I heard / saw … “i heard and saw alot about this presentation.”

This made me think … “this made me think life is harder”

Now, I wonder … “now i wonder what the cure is”

Today, I heard / saw … “an anzing person work there dream with so many things trying to stop her”

This made me think … “So many thing and what a good job she did.”

Today, I heard / saw … “I heard about somebody with cerebral palsy”

This made me think … “I thought about how many challenges Giselle had to face and overcome”

Now, I wonder … “how did her parents know she had cerebral palsy”

Today, I heard / saw … “saw Giselle walk”

This made me think … “they can do most of the things we do”

Now, I wonder … “it must be hard”

Today, I heard / saw … “Giselle’s life and life challenges and saw her walk”

This made me think … “we all matter”

Now, I wonder … “it must be hard living her life style”

Today, I heard / saw … “the journey of Giselle Gaylie”

This made me think … “of all the struggles she went through, just because she was a little different”

Now, I wonder … “how she faced all the struggles”

Today, I heard / saw … “A presentation about a girl and about her journies in life”

This made me think … “that you can achive anything life like the girl she faced a lot of chalages in life but she overcomed them”

Now, I wonder … “If i can do everything I dream of and that I can be more confident in life.”

Today, I heard / saw … “i heard a lot about self love and the challenges that Giselle went threw.”

This made me think … “about how I should be treating myself.”

Now, I wonder … “if i had been treating my self properly.”

Today, I heard / saw … “A girl”

This made me think …She is so cool

Now, I wonder … “Can i be that cool?”

Today, I heard / saw … “I heard that it is ok to be different and to not be ashamed about who you are”

This made me think … “How am I acting towards others and how can i better myself to be nicer to others”

Now, I wonder …Can i change the damage that was done from not being as inclusive as i should have been

Today, I heard / saw …A presentation about finding yourself and loving you for who you are.

This made me think …How I could and should imply this points and goals into my life to make myself a better and more pleasent person.”

Now, I wonder …If Im able to overcome my obstacles in life just how Giselle did. If these points will help me become a better version of mysslef who is ready to face challenges and overcome them.

Today, I heard / saw … “A presentation about finding your self worth.”

This made me think … “About ways I can find who I am.”

Now, I wonder …If I overcome my obstacles just like Giselle did growing up, will I be able to fully understand myself.

Today, I heard / saw … “Today I heard a very good public speaker talk about her journey and life of how she became one.”

This made me think … “This made me think of all of the people that had great accomplishments in there life.”

Now, I wonder …I wonder if she will ever be able to walk by herself in the future.

Today, I heard / saw … “I saw and heard the story of a young 25 year old girl’s struggles and how she overcame them. She told us about how she struggled in her life, and about how she accepted herself.”

This made me think … “This made me think that I can also over come my own struggles, and learn how to love and find myself.”

Now, I wonder …I wonder how I can spread this message that she told us and how I can become a better person that loves myself and others.

Today, I heard / saw …that even if other thinks u cant do stuff still belive in your life never give up on your life and keep going.

This made me think … “that was hard but how she still made it and how shes happy and stuff and i felt good for her”

Now, I wonder …that can i be like her focus on the goals and never try to give up like she never did and yea i have.

Today, I heard / saw …It’s important not to let other peoples opinions or hurtful comments affect you as they will only tear down your confidence and cause a loss of motivation.

This made me think … “The amount of times I’ve been hurt by comments people have said about me and the way they affected me.”

Now, I wonder …How many more times in my life will I face people making hurtful comments towards me?

Today, I heard / saw …I heard and saw the story of a young 25 year old girl who had been through too many hard experiences than someone her age should.

This made me think … “This made me think that I can overcome my own hardships and keep powering through life because no matter how hard my life is, her life would be harder.”

Now, I wonder …I wonder how she can still be so positive to everyone she meets.

Today, I heard / saw …someone talking about how you should not make fun of or exclude someone if they look diffrent or sound diffrent too you and howw you should love yourself and create a lasting bond with god to find your self

This made me think …of how i can improve my wellbeing and increase my relationship with god. it also made me think about how i can improve how i view my self by loving myself

Now, I wonder …i wonder what are some of the most effective ways to discover myself and find my self

Today, I heard / saw … “you can accomplish your goals no matter what”

This made me think …that people can help those alike, not only Giselle Gaylie

Now, I wonder …what would it be like to be Giselle Gaylie?

Today, I heard / saw …That you can do anything you desire no matter what abilities you have, and you can complete anything you want if you try hard enough.

This made me think …This made me think that I should never give up on anything that I really want. And that I should try really hard on everything.

Now, I wonder …I wonder what the best exercises are to be able to walk.

Today, I heard / saw …Today, i heard Giselle Gaylie over came these obstacles in her life. I saw how tough life was in the slide show she showed us.

This made me think …This made me think that, no matter how hard life is you could always over come these/this obstacle. Making you stronger just like Giselle Gaylie was.

Now, I wonder …now i wonder how i can be nicer to people, and to help them. (Be supportive) (Be friends with them!).

Today, I heard / saw …That nothing people say should affect how you live. You should think of stuff that makes you happy.

This made me think …That everyone should help each other that need it.

Now, I wonder …I wonder how i can be nicer to people to help them be kinder to others.

Today, I heard / saw …Today I heard and saw that you had many struggles but was strong and overcame them with the people that were close to you such as your family and friends. And although you were different you still believed in yourself and was proud to be who you are today. I also saw that you used technology to help you speak/respond to others.

This made me think …This made me think that although there are many people around the world with many different disabilities it does not change our sense of self because when I saw the many accomplishments that you pushed yourself to do, it made me think that you should never doubt yourself and have a positive mindset.

Now, I wonder …How did you decide to share your story with many people and schools? and when did you start to use technology that helps you to speak?

Today, I heard / saw … “An artificial voice/A woman proud at what she overcame.”

This made me think … “I should be like her.”

Now, I wonder …Why does autism exist?

Today, I heard / saw … “Today, I heard and saw a phenomenal view of someone who is selfless, has amazing self care and set out to live their life to the fullest. I learned about the power of self-care and how it can help you overcome your greatest challenges. Overall, a spectacular presentation that helped me learn about other peoples lives.”

This made me think … “This made me think that if anyone puts their heart and mind to something, they can achieve it no matter how long it takes.”

Now, I wonder …I wonder how long it took you to learn to stand up by yourself.

Today, I heard / saw …Giselle Gaylie

This made me think … “How I could how I be a better inclusive teacher.”

Now, I wonder …How to apply new inclusive teaching strategies

Today, I heard / saw …today i herid that an very good story about her life it was very good

This made me think … “the talk made wonder if got tried of people making fun here and some people do that to me but she is storng.”

Now, I wonder …now i think i can follow the foots of the sepker

Today, I heard / saw …Some of the challenges people have to go through. It’s truly amazing how she can push through the struggle

This made me think … “How I should be grateful and be appreciative to God.”

Now, I wonder …I wonder how they play certain sports

Today, I heard / saw …A wonderful story of someone fighting for their life to overcome to the stigmas attached to people with disabilities. Someone who was successful in achieving their dreams as a public speaker even though they could not speak

This made me think … “Our society realizing “equality” is a good thing makes us realize that everyone is human, each is unique. Society has stigmatized disabilities for so long as permanent setbacks in life. We should be more accepting of those with disabilities.”

Now, I wonder …– What are some ways that I can help stigmatize disabilities? – Our society has come a long way. What are some things that government leaders can do to help promote equality?

Today, I heard / saw …– anything is possible -achieve goals if you try hard -Giselle is always positive -Focus on positive

This made me think … “- Listen to others -Not to be judgemental -Treat others with respect -A person is a person no matter what.”

Now, I wonder …-How do you always remain positive through all challenges? -How do you cope with your struggles? – How does your communication device work?

Today, I heard / saw …I heard some one talking about all the very difficult struggles they had and i felt grateful that i am so lucky.

This made me think … “That many people had to go through this and i never really realized and thought about for long until today.”

Now, I wonder …When did you first become a public speaker?

Today, I heard / saw …today I heard a story that was very beautiful because it taught me a lot knowing i can do anything no matter what and always keep going even if you are struggling.

This made me think … “that i can do anything”

Now, I wonder …how you did it for all this time and never gave up

It was an inspired afternoon all around. The students were authentically so attentive during both presentations. It was heartfelt.

I would like to kindly thank the marvelous teacher and students that helped with my set up in the gymnasium: There was teacher, Ms. Davi. There were also two grade seven students, Eric and Christian, who were absolutely amazing and made a very positive difference with the projector, microphone stands and sound too.

For both presentations, I offered a question period. Eric, again, helped me out by facilitating the questions asked by students with the use of a wireless microphone.

There was a lot of happiness in the gymnasium today. Pictures were taken and smiles shared.

I am so thankful to Ms. Aguilar for today’s wonderful opportunity to present and inspire her students

It was a wonderful, blessed afternoon at St. Herbert Elementary School.

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